Wednesday, October 19, 2011

anniversary highlights

Technically, we already celebrated our anniversary.  Early.  Just us two.  In MICHIGAN!  (best trip ever)  But, obviously we had to make the actual day special too.  Tony had to work but came home with a cute smile and cute flowers for me.  Then we opened gifts and went to dinner.  A nice friend offered to babysit but we had already got Brody excited about Red Robin so all four of us went.  We went on a drive afterwards.  Tony wanted to show me a cute neighborhood he ran into that has beautiful fall colors and more leaves everywhere than we've ever seen.  I didn't get a good picture.

After putting the kids to bed, I started putting together a cute little candlelit "dinner".  Where we didn't actually eat- but there were lots of things on the "menu".  Tony has filled my life with so much, I wanted him to know what those things are.  Klutzy me, however, stabbed myself with a Ginsu knife while carving out those tiny devil pumpkins.  It was a reeeaaally bad cut... I had to tape myself back together with moleskin- in hopes of avoiding the emergency room and stitches.  Haha!  This would (did) happen to me.  We watched TV and played farkle and called it a night.  I love my husband!
Brody took this picture of us on our point and shoot.  One perk of having a 3 1/2 year old; but obviously not the only one.
My favorite part was the card Tony drew for me of us and our family.  It was a timeline of us- and he also predicted the future.  Literally the cutest thing ever, I'm going to frame it.