Thursday, September 8, 2011

travel gifts

Tony was out of town for two days.  I talked about it.  Before he left he already mentioned how whenever he goes somewhere for a while he wants to come back with something for Brody since that's what his dad would do for him and he loved it.  I expected that but I didn't expect him to surprise me with my own little gift.  He knows I like the kitchen stuff at anthro... look what he picked out for me!  Isn't he the cutest?  (He wished he got me the butter dish, but thought I already had it.)  I think this was perfect, it reminds me of Arizona and I just love the fun colors.  Don't mind the slew of pictures, I guess I'm practicing my product photography. lol  Thanks Tony, you're such a thoughtful sweetheart!

Then there was Brody playing with his spoils at breakfast.  He hasn't stopped playing with it for a week now.
"look mom, there's two of them!"
I have sweet boys.