Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This and that. Phone pics

::I couldn't help it, I put out our Halloween decorations already, as of last week.  The house smells so good- I think the fall candles are my favorite.  Speaking of Halloween, I feel like I have to "make" a crazy amazing costume this year since I made my costume the last two years.  Here and here.  What to be?!?!
::Playing with the life size chess set at the mall.  
::me and B hangin at home
::this was the first break in the clouds all week, that week it was raining and/or cloudy non stop.  It was good to see a blue sky again.
 ::Brody practicing letters- I need to start actually teaching him stuff on paper now.
::I love this little guy
::Tony and I pulled out our folding chairs and hung out in the nice weather one evening while Brody rode his bike around.  He stopped to bring me flowers- and kept adding to my bouquet all night.  He's a sweetie.
::tree bokeh
::Brody wants to wear that costume every day now.  Usually he's happy with just the wings though, thankfully (;