Wednesday, September 21, 2011

life calls for a day trip {take 4}

A little while ago my boys and I up and drove to Indiana for the day.  Tony has gone up there for business a few times- and told me about this place that has the worlds best chocolate shake.  Upon prodding him for a more detailed description of so-called best shake ever, I found out it's not very thick.  In other words, watery enough to actually drink through a straw.  I was pretty shot down- I mean, "my" kind of shake is one you can not suck through a straw- and spoons are mandatory.  However, I had to recant after trying this one.  It literally IS the best tasting chocolate shake I've ever had.  Mmmmmm.... I take back what I said about my shakes needing to be thick.  If they taste like that, I'm happy.  The place is called Bub's and it's in Camel, Indiana- if you ever find yourself there.  It's right on Main street which was darling.  Any "main street" that isn't darling like this is a disgrace to the name "main street".  Right?
Brody looks so cute with his backpack on. 
I love the random disco ball hanging in downtown Louisville (we also saw a huge dog bed stuffed in a public trash can) and this: 
There were all these statues of fake people EVERYWHERE on this street.  It was funny/cute/creepy.  Brody kept kicking this police man in the shin.  It was funny but then I had to teach him we don't kick policemen in the shin.  Ever.  haha
We all had our delicious shakes and then there was poor H with his health food.  Heh heh
We saw this French bakery/restaurant and Tony was like, "Hey, do you want to see if they have Macarons!?"  They were closed, come to find out, but how cute is my husband for thinking of me?  (He doesn't even LIKE them:)
A lot of the day was just driving.  But we stopped at an outlet mall on the way and got some stuff- we're half way done shopping for family for Christmas.  Feels good.  I wouldn't go back to that outlet mall though... basically it was just all of last years stuff sold at regular prices.  Ha ha.  Brody can't stop talking about the rocket ship though.
We like day trips.  Big fans.