Saturday, September 10, 2011

keeping up appearances

When Tony and I got married... well, actually before we were even married, we spent a great deal of time at the JC Penny Home store sitting on couches, trying out beds, and admiring tables and dressers.  At the time, I cared more about what my clothes looked like than what my house decor looked like.  As long as I had a few pictures on the wall and some fake plants here and there, I was content.  Boy have I changed!  Obviously if I had an unlimited cash flow I'd have lots more in the way of home decor and furniture but for now, I love my home and everything we've created together.

One of those things we did before we were married (besides pick out & purchase that couch) was get that coffee table.  It was a good price, and too big to be a coffee table so we decided to use it for our TV.  Our TV was a lot smaller then.  We also threw in a tall table with white suede covered bar-stool-height-chairs.  As you can see we weren't really considering our future family, and what would make the most sense.  It wasn't until actually having kids and realizing their high chair was still considerably lower than our table- and that having our dvd player out in the open was a bad idea.  When we moved here, we had to get a lower table with benches so Brody could sit at the table with us.  Now, what to do about the exposed electronics?  We came up with the cheapest solution:

Every morning we'd come downstairs, I'd get breakfast for the kids, and strip our couch of half the cushions so I could protect our Blu-Ray player and XBox.  Tacky?  Well... with little kids, you come to accept tacky.  Piles of toys jammed in corners, huge plastic child safety locks & knobs everywhere- and fingerprints all over what you just cleaned.  As a born clean-freak, it took me a while to loosen up a little and deal with messes that kids inevitably make (not that I give them sharpies and let 'em loose or anything).
I didn't mind our set up:  the tacky jammed pillows under our tv table.  "Like it" and "mind" are two very unrelated things, however.  I didn't like having to move the pillows every time I wanted to change the channel, but that was the price I was willing to pay to keep Hyrum from body slamming our investments.  I also didn't like the look I was creating round here.  I couldn't wait to take the cushions out every day.  I realized pretty quickly that even those cushions didn't keep our stuff safe.  Hyrum dodges every obstacle.  Even right in front of my eyes he would sneak in there and have his way with the stuff.
Then one night we had the missionaries over for dinner.  I was rushing around the kitchen trying to get everything accomplished, making sure I didn't have spit up somewhere on me, and that the boys weren't breaking down the baby gates.  Then Tony walks in with the missionaries and he starts to grill up the burgers while I entertain the missionaries in the living room.  I made a mental note to put the cushions BACK before they got there but it slipped my mind and I realized the missionaries were sitting on a half cushioned couch and the remainder were shoved under the TV table.   Excellent.  I had to explain that one- and then I realized it wasn't worth it- we were living like savages!  Haha.  I'm totally kidding but I decided it was time to upgrade and save myself the trouble of well, all of the above.
I put that sucker together BY MYSELF.  Tony was at a guys night, and I know he doesn't really get any kind of manly-satisfaction out of building things so I took it upon myself.  Plus, the next day was Michigan's first game so the chance of me getting him to do it that day wasn't good.  And the next day being Sunday- more excuses.  haha.  I didn't mind doing it!  Although, I swear if I never have to screw a hidden cam in again, it'll be too soon.  It took me like 3 1/2 hours.  I put together our computer desk when we were engaged but this TV table was 5 times more complicated.  Go me.  Anyway I'm glad the only thing I have to worry about now is putting on a child lock and windexing the windows.  Turns out peace of mind is worth the price of a TV table.

*sorry about the crappy cell phone pictures- the "panoramics" come from an app I bought on my iPhone.  It's not the best when the lighting is bad but you get the idea.  And p.s. I promise the TV is NOT on all day- that was just the ideal time to take these pictures, ha ha.