Sunday, September 18, 2011

i switched it up: a rather girly post.

Having have little kids, it can be hard to experiment with my hair and clothes like I used to do.  I've been stuck in my default hair styles for so long.  Usually, you'll see me with my hair half up in bobby pins- that's the most common one.  Or, if I'm feeling super fancy I'll do a side messy bun or run a curling iron through.  I'm making myself sound very unadventurous, but I've always been adventurous with my hair!  Right?  It's true having little kids makes you busier and less focused on those things but it doesn't mean I have zero time for myself.  So, yes I suppose I better give myself a little credit.  I'm still the same gal I always was- just when I do try something new it's just less often.  (Once in high school, I did some crimping in my hair, used a waver, and something else- can't remember.  I just did crazy strands here and there of all those things and I thought I looked hot!  Sounds really retarded now- and even at the time, some guy was like, "what did you do to your hair?"  haha!
So anyways... I've tried side ponies before but they never quite added the volume I was going for- or whatever the case was.  Never became a hairstyle I saw myself going back to very often.  I much rather preferred my side bun.  But, I became inspired by a new dress I got.  Let me tell you about this happy purchase:

I saw it in the catalog months back.  If you know the store I went to, you'll know how fast they sell out of their stuff.  Try, DAYS.  It's stressful.  haha.  So then when my AZ trip came up, I knew I'd have to go into an actual store and see if they had what I wanted since they were out online.  They only had an XXS left, in another color I didn't want.  Sad day!  (But it was a happy day because I was able to squeeze into that one!)  Still, it was too snug to purchase- and the worker told me they were getting more of that dress.  So I checked online on my phone everyday, sometimes more than once until they got more.  The minute they got more I bought it!  I almost waited for  a coupon code to buy it but it's a good thing I didn't because they sold out not two weeks later when I would've been able to use it.  Craziness.  Anyway moral of the story is, dreams do come true.  I got my dress.  And another lesson could be... shopping online smells.
So back to the hair.  We have 9 am church so it's rare when I have the drive to really "do" anything to my hair but the dress, like I said, inspired- and I made a new hairstyle up I can add to my regulars.  Sure, the side pony has been done before but probably not like I did it (too lazy to do a tutorial heh heh).  At any rate, It feels good to be girly, have some retail therapy, and have those occasional sunday mornings where I feel cute enough to make my husband capture it.  *this doesn't happen everyday, grab the camera! ha!

*speaking of happy purchases I got that mirror on my wall for two dollars!  "Two dollars. Cash."  (name that movie).