Saturday, September 3, 2011

going picture happy

When Tony was gone I s'pose I had some void to fill in my life those two days- so I took an obscene amount of pictures of my boys.  I basically documented the days sun-up to sun down.  And technically they weren't anything special- just normal days.  I don't think I'll be doing this for a while (who am I kidding).  I need therapy.  Haha.  I mean, on our California trip someone asked me, "is that your baby?"  - I look at hyrum - "uhh... yea-... Oh.  Oh, you mean this."  (looks at camera)

♥Brody's highlights:
-the fact that I actually had quarters when we went to the store and he got to play the games
-seeing the biggest grasshopper of his life
-begging me for saltwater taffy all day and usually winning me over
-eating what I call "kid lunch".  i.e. junk food that doesn't seem so bad because every kid is eating it
-swimming in his baby pool I pulled out of storage (even though he said he's now too big for it haha
-getting to take a whiz outside
-enjoying his playset in the mild weather
-wearing his rain boots (even if every other time he puts them on the wrong feet...he'd wear those everyday if he could)

♥My highlights:
-getting in a better routine with my boys.  I feel better about life when I make time for things that matter and less time with things that don't.
-Brody doing the "i love you sign" right for the first time.  I wasn't even expecting it and he's like, "Mommy!  Look!"  He used to have his ring finger and pinky up and the other two down, lol
-watching Brody pretend to be a plane- and having my camera on him while he did it.  His imagination is so cute at this age
-watching hyrum enjoy puffs outside in his highchair... and the neighbors not giving me too many weird looks.
-that leaf that fell in the pool and reminded me fall is approaching.
-sunflare- taking pictures, hello.
-actually having quarters so I didn't have to say, "sorry Brody..."  
-putting Hyrum to bed the last night and coming out to Brody who was passed out like that right outside the door.  haha!  He loves that shark towel

♥Hyrum's highlights:
-taking him out of that freezing pool water (lol, poor kid.)
*excuse the scratch on Hyrum's chin- he tried to be a hero and stand up with a cup in both hands.  Down he went and the cup sliced him pretty bad.  It all happened so fast...