Saturday, September 17, 2011

a beautiful day in kentuck-ay.

You like my rhyming don't you?  So amazing, I might as well tag this with my poetry label.  Kentucky, you have officially redeemed yourself.  This summer was a scorcher, that's for sure.  Sure, I came from AZ where no place really beats those temps- but when humidity is involved, you reach a whole new level of torture.  I do feel for my AZ pals though who have to endure 6 months of summer.  It sure is nice feeling "seasons".  It's been so gorgeous lately!  Shoot, the last couple weeks have been crazy gorgeous.  Well, minus that week where I didn't see the sun Monday thru Saturday.  That was kinda crazy.  But having a 100 degree day and the next day, cool and in the 60's?  I'll take it.  So it feels like fall!  I'm loving it- and I'm definitely ready for this time of year.  I mean, I've been listening to Christmas music all year.  And by "listening to" I mean, it'll occasionally pop up on my iTunes and I sometimes don't switch it.  heh.

So, Thursday was the most beautiful day- 65, windy, and just great.  I took the boys to the park where I realized it was Hyrum's first time ever in a swing (alone).  I happened to have my camera so a milestone like that has to be recorded ;).  He'd be 10 months old in two days, how did he make it that long without me putting him on one?  I realized it was devilishly hot all summer when he was old enough to enjoy a park swing- and I didn't want to burn his legs on the black seat.  So I don't feel so bad anymore.  Cest la vie, he loved it. (:

Speaking of fall... colors are starting to make an appearance!  I'm in heaven!  These first two are in my front yard :D
Sorry about the view.. I just really love the way my boys are looking at me.  It's like, "mom, you are my favorite lady."  And that makes me feel like a million (:
I wish Tony didn't have to work and he could play with us all day.  Wouldn't that be the life?  Playing all day?  Then again, we'd probably have to live under a bridge having no income so maybe I like how things are now.
And a happy 10 months to H today!

And also... sorry I have been blocking commenting lately.  I love hearing from you guys, more than you know!  I'm catching up on life, and I always feel bad when I can't respond to people so that's what's up with that.  I expect to hear from you ALL the second I open it though.  All nine of you :p