Saturday, August 27, 2011

our vacation | the weddings

The next day were the weddings.  Both of my brothers got married on August 13th; a double sealing/wedding.  Part of the reason they did that- besides the fact that they have such a close relationship with each other & their new wives are awesome- was because they knew that it would be easier on the family as a whole financially in the long run.  If they could get the entire family there once, that was all that mattered to them. Trying to do it twice in a summer might not work out with schedules and budgets.  How awesome are they?  I was SO appreciative that they did it that way- and really, there was nothing cuter than seeing both of my brothers tear up on the same day when they looked at their gorgeous brides and married them for time and all eternity.  I'm so happy for all of them!
::my brother Perris & I at his hotel room before we left for the big day!
::arriving at the temple::taking pictures (in dresses & heels btw)::Perris & his childhood best friend, Bryce.  They are so cute together heh heh
::Brody wandering the temple grounds

So... the day was overcast to start and that burned off to be a wonderful day weather wise.  I was afraid it was going to rain- I'm so glad it didn't!  I took both of their wedding day pictures.  I have to say, it was the hardest "shoot" I have ever done!  Trying to remember all the shots I wanted to get while working with four huge different sets of families... I was a frazzled mess to say the least.  Not to mention, I was even in some of these pictures and I wore two different bridesmaid dresses!  haha!  *Outfit change!!  It was awesome.
Random thought:  Doesn't my dad look legit?  Lt. Colonel Nelson, ya hearrrrd.  Wait, that wasn't the thought (although true:)...I was so happy that my new sister-in-laws had me be bridesmaids in their weddings.  I was one only once before, for my sisters wedding (I was maid of honor, even:).  I sometimes feel sad that I moved away from my old best friends and since then haven't made "best best friends" like that so that I could be a bridesmaid.  (Well, to be fair, lots of my closest friends are already married;)
Hehh... usually girls complain that they are bridesmaids too much!  You know that saying (always a bridesmaid... etc etc).  I've always wanted to be one for a friend.  I don't think many girls think about that too much- that when you get to be a bridesmaid it's a real honor.  It means you have friends, are loved, and are really close to them.  It was probably my last time (or one of my last times) to be one.  How fun that I got to be one for all three of my sisters. :)  Sure, sometimes I'd wish I had that "best friend" that you've known since you were in diapers and you both are in each other's weddings, without question.  But I felt that way before I got to be a bridesmaid TWICE in one day! (:   I'm grateful my family are my best friends!  I have the greatest family too.
mike took hy to the dance floor and danced him to sleep!  how cute is that?
Anyway enough about being a bridesmaid- I was just thinking about it.  I do miss my friends from my growing up years.  I remember one girl in particular who wrote me a letter "even when we get married  and have kids, we'll always be close.  I can't imagine anyone or any thing getting in the way of this friendship."  Something like that.  Unfortunately life and distance did and I don't hear from her anymore, even when I try to contact her.  *Sigh.  Luckily for me my strong relationship with my family members- ALL of them- remains constant.
Our hotel had this awesome pancake machine where you literally press a button and it spits out two fresh, delicious pancakes.  haha!
Brody has a hard time saying words with "th" so we stayed in room "free firty free" lol.