Monday, August 29, 2011

our vacation | heading home

So after the weddings and backyard party the next day, we drove back to Arizona.  We spent one more night there and then flew back to Kentucky the next day, later that afternoon.  This time I remembered a binky for the drive (I forgot one for both the flight and our drive out there, oops).  A few of the highlights of that part of our trip you can see in these pictures.  Things like:  Tony making us a delicious breakfast, a lunch date with just Tony and I that last day in AZ, night swimming while kids were in bed, and seeing more family.  Okay, so most of that isn't pictured, my bad.  The night swimming was Tony's idea and it was so fun.  He & I have done that several times together and it's always a blast.  "Oh, if gnomes could tell stories" haha, Tony!  I loved our vacation-even though it went by way too fast.
::driving back, del taco (of course)
::my favorite candy ever (don't you know)
::pics at tony's parents
::hyrum on the plane- his many feelings about the long flight
::louisville airport, about to drive home.
* I took that last pic a minute after Tony told me I "look cute with that backpack on".  He would've been all over me in high school, I guess, then.  he he
Another happy thing about the trip home was arriving there 30 minutes early!  The flight was great, again.
A Brody quote: "I LOVE this trip!"  We all did.  'Till next time, AZ!