Wednesday, August 24, 2011

our vacation | arizona

The fact that I have to say going to Arizona on "vacation" now is weird to me.  Better yet, it sucks.  Arizona shouldn't be a "special occasion" thing... it should be home.  It will be again just not for several years.  *sigh.  Anyway so like I mentioned, AZ was just a stop on our vacation as a whole.  We were only there for two half days and a full day.  We got there one might, spent the next day there, left the following day for California (drove) and after driving back we had another half day in AZ before we flew home.  Confused yet?  So here are some pictures of the trip there and of that full day we got to spend.  Brody woke up and first thing said, "Hi Mommy! ... Daddy, wake up it's good morning time!"  It was a great day seeing lots of family, going on a lunch & cupcake/shopping date with Tony, a big family dinner, going to places we missed, swimming, and more family.  Brody even made us breakfast! (York patties, which are his favorite and are always stocked in gmas fridge.)  I'm having major withdrawals.
And some camera phone pictures:
::we went to Tia Rosa's, our favorite mexican food place in Mesa (they have cute tile and a cute atmosphere inside & out)  Tony always misses the turn into the place and did this time (keepin up tradition;)
::I actually had a good hair day for the first time in 6 months!  Oh dry heat.
::my sweet in-laws got me a wonderful birthday present and this card with a cupcake on it!  That was intentional (:
::obviously Sprinkles was a must.  And whole milk- hey, we're on vacation!  I got denied twice for the word of the day (cause there happened to be two words of the day, I guess.) That's gotta be a record.  *facepalm.
::Went to QT & Del Taco as much as humanly possible in that short amount of time.
::Tony and I leaving lunch.  Our shadow made a heart!  (just noticed that.. lol)
::Hyrum's dback shirt & grandma and grandpa's cute play room.  I need one of those..
So I had some clips of AZ so I thought I'd throw them into a little video:
Brody was talking funny at the end of the video- I love it though.  I miss AZ so much already!

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Karm said... Reply To This Comment

Awe Connie. Hopefully you will be coming back to Arizona soon. (: Tia Rosa's looks so delicious. I love me some mexican food. And QT and Del Taco are the best things ever. Hope you had your fill of them to last you a few months haha

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

mmmmm love Tia Rosas! You hit the best spots in a short amount of time. I was across the street from Sprinkles yesterday but had to resist (sad right?). Got a dress to fit into :/ blah! Hope you make it back to AZ soon and can call it HOME again!
PS I was going to ask you about the cute videos you make and FB wouldn't let me message you-it keeps freezing my computer every time I try to send you one. But do you just take videos with a small flip camera or digital camera and then edit them in a program? gah I'll try to message you so I don't leave you a novel on here.

Tricia said... Reply To This Comment

We miss you too!!

Heidi said... Reply To This Comment

Arizona misses you!! I missed QT like nobody's business when I lived in Utah..and everything else wonderful that AZ has to offer.

wholesouls2 said... Reply To This Comment

Love like ours is surely here to stay! I learned this song on the guitar a few years back. I am glad you used it in a family video. It looks like all your Arizona moments were wonderful! Great times for all, I am sure. I miss you daughter. I go back to work Monday, but I will see you all September 29th! Love, Mother