Wednesday, August 31, 2011

my parents visited us

Like I said my parents drove through and stopped to see us.  They got me a card the night of my birthday (excuse the jammies and my late night rats nest hair) and the next day was filled with chilling at home watching Rio, a trip to staples, and Cheesecake factory for my birthday dinner from them.  We ordered so much food we had a dinner left over that could feed a family of four.  Perfect!

Here are just some pictures from it... my apologies to Tony for the squinty eye picture at dinner.  I made up for it though and put the more attractive one of him and awkward one of me in our couch family picture.  I'm so nice.
hyrum clapping for the first time
The next day they left but before that we
Went to a nursery and I took my parents 29th wedding anniversary pics.  I'll put those up on my photo blog sometime this year (haha).  Then we grabbed lunch at Chick fil a and my parents drove home.  Tony needed me to pick him up from work (don't remember why, that never happens) so I took the boys to a pond near by while we waited for him to get off work.  I might as well share the pictures I took.
If you know Brody at all, you know he's been squeezing into these same crocs since he was a year and a half.  They fit better then, of course.  I don't think crocs are the most attractive thing ever but they are sure easy to slip on!  I don't know what I'm going to do when they stop fitting or break.  These have become a part of him.  lol