Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Leaving, arriving, and reunions | take 2

This title came to mind for some reason (I thought because it fit) but come to find out it's because it's been done before on this blog.  Well then.

As luck would have it, my brother got engaged!  OOH and then another brother got engaged!  Then as my luck would have it, we got to fly out for the weddings!  All four of us.  Anyway, the master plan was to hit up AZ for as long as possible and also of course make the weddings our main event.  So that's what went down.  But first things first.

We left: When we were standing there with our five bags, two kids, one stroller, two carseats, three carry-ons and *wait hold on... *Yes!got.the.wallets... Tony turns to a lady behind us and asked, "Hey, were you guys on "The Amazing Race?"  She's all, "YEAH!!  We were!!!"  We had a short conversation with the dating goths- the guy, who coincidentally was on our flight.  Random.  The plane ride was long but not so long that I was hating life- it was great!

We arrived: This was seriously the funniest thing of the week...  Brody is seriously hilarious!  So, we're landing (getting ready to) and Tony tells Brody "hold on, we're going to land!"  So, Brody pushes both our arms off the rests and clutches them with excitement.  So we come in for the landing and it's pretty loud, and somewhat bumpy, you know... well, after the plane touches down and starts skidding to a stop, at the top of his lungs Brody shouts, YEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!
Seroiusly, the entire plane busted up.  It was a shining moment as a parent, I must say.  There's those things you want your kids to say so you can get a laugh and then there are those things they just say out of no where that crack you up.  That was one of those out of no where things. hahaha!
& we reunited with loved ones:
The first night in AZ was a short one for some and a longer one for me.  We got in, got picked up by Bro, Tony's only & older brother.  On the drive Brody noted the moon and said, "look there's the moon- that means it's bedtime."  So cute.  Then we ate BARROS with his parents when we got in to their house.  It was SO great being there, it felt like we were just getting home from Oklahoma and we were there to stay. *Sigh.

Then when I tucked in all three of my boys I scurried off to go meet up with my sweet friend Natalie.  I also reunited with the gloriousness that is bahama bucks.  *double sigh.  I'm sad Whitney couldn't be there but it was her anniversary, the booger!  It was great seeing Nat again- she is one of those friends who I can literally pick up where we left off.  We talk about photography to the gospel to pet peeves.  I love her!  It was the perfect start to a perfect trip!

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Courtney B said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds like the perfect start!! I can only imagine how great it felt to see everyone you love and miss. I'm sorry things have been hard on you lately :(
I'm also sorry that we're not real life friends...I honestly adore you Connie. And your cute family! Your boys would definitely make me and Eric baby hungry :)

e.day said... Reply To This Comment

oh my gosh! hahahaha. that is so cute that he yelled that. i wish i had been on that plane ride. classic :)

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

ohhhh what a wonderful trip! Sounds amazing. I like meeting up with friends too (: Brody is too cute. His expressions with words are incredible.

Jennifer said... Reply To This Comment

I read your last post before you decided to take it down and just wanted to say I feel for you. Arizona is an acquired taste but once you're here its hard to imagine a life elsewhere. Don't worry, it'll be waiting for you when you get back!

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

I LOVE what Brody said! That is hilarious!!!