Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lately, by my iPhone

 I'm trying to catch up on pictures before we go on our trip.  We all know that'll never happen.  At least I'm trying :p  So lately has been both uneventful and eventful.  Honestly most of my days consist of hanging out at home all day and occasionally getting a treat or going out to dinner when Tony gets home.  Each day goes by so fast- so by the time I've gotten everyone fed, dishes & laundry done, dressed, & naps it seems like Tony gets home.  I love it that way.  I do enjoy my outings with the boys during the day so we often squeeze one of those in.  Well, here are just some pictures...

::I took my boys thrifting & Brody picked up these glasses.  He was all, "WHOA..WHOA.."  like they were making him dizzy.  Can't imagine why.  They were practically coke bottles.
::You can tell it's nearly my birthday!!  Packages keep comin'!  Yippe!
::Our beautiful temple.  So grateful to have one close- and this weeks visit was amazing... as usual.
::Bathtime.  Cuties!
::Tony knew I had a hard day a little while ago.  He also knew I was wanting to try those icecreams (the commercial got me).  So he picked them up to make my day better (:  I think the sweet gesture was the best part!
::Whenever I try to get some practicing done during the day this is what happens.  Both boys crawl under & render the pedal unusable.  I love that they flock to me, I can't complain (;
::Brody with his prizes at Chuck e Cheese.  We went back lol.  It was busier but he made out a lot better this time with his glow in the dark scorpion, "rocket ship", and candies.
::the most hilarious face ever.  Blurry, but hilarious.  HAHAHA!  (It was a cuuuute party for one of our friends)
::both boys on the rocking horse
::Did you hear about the turkey recall?  Yeah, we did too.  THE DAY AFTER WE HAD SOME!!! (the package had the same "numbers" on it that were the bad ones) Luckily I cooked it properly and we were all okay.  As in, we didn't get violently ill with Salmonella.  *phew.  I was a nervous wreck waiting for symptoms to happen.  (Did I mention we rarely eat Turkey?  I almost boycotted it forever)
::Sometimes he ends up on the floor in the night
:: Tony's team won the super bowl and he got gatorade-ed.  At buffalo wild wings.  When we met him for lunch one day.

Life's been good to us.

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wholesouls2 said... Reply To This Comment

Yes, life has been good to you! And you have been good to yourself and your family too! That's the only way to live! Love, Mother

Shalyn said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my gosh, I cannot even stand how cute Brody is in those glasses!

I didn't hear about the bad turkey- how scary!

Courtney B said... Reply To This Comment

I'm so glad life has been good for your sweet family! You totally deserve it!
And yay for your birthday and vacation! It's gonna be a goooood month :)
And I totally agree with your post below. I always love when I tell a little one that they are cute and the answer with a sneaky smile and say "I know!" I always wonder what it would be like if adults could think that someway. No wonder we are supposed to be as humble as children :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said... Reply To This Comment

TOo cute. Glad Life is going well!

Sarah and Trent said... Reply To This Comment

So I was looking at your blog, and my little sister said "Who's That? She's really pretty". Just thought you'd like to know! And I love your post about the primary talk - that is so true that we need to love ourselves!

Amanda said... Reply To This Comment

these are all such cute pictures! i love waiting for packages to come!!!! so exciting! :)

Vanessa said... Reply To This Comment

Brody in those glasses? SO adorable!
& eating that Turkey? Oh geez, I would have been flipping out, convinced I would be getting sick at any minute. So glad you all are healthy & safe!
Also the ice cream, I hope it was amazing, I've heard good things. It really is the little things that mean the most. 8)

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

i had no idea there was a recall on turkeys, but I am so happy and glad that you guys are A-Okay. Whew. haha Brody is too adorbs in those glasses, hopefully he didn't run into anything :S

Kaitlyn said... Reply To This Comment

All of those pictures are so sweet! Looks like tons of fun!

In our sea of love

Alexandria said... Reply To This Comment

I just did a picture explosion post as well!! These are precious! I love the one of your boys under the piano!