Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Connie, do you feel older?  (The commonly asked question)
It was usually "meh, no about the same."
Go ahead ask me this year.  Just do it, I dare you.  Because really... yes.  Yes I really do feel older!  With every tantrum, diaper change, load of laundry, I feel myself aging rapidly.  No grays yet, thank goodness, but yah.  I'm an old fart.  At least, I feel like one.  The number itself isn't anything much but... how do I feel??  OldER.  No doubt.  And that's the real question.   (In my bodies own defense I am somewhat jet lagged, and it's nearly midnight while I'm writing this- so that could be a contributing factor in how I "feel" about aging one more year.)  That's probably it... okay...scratch all that, then.
Life has been good to me up to this point.  It's absolutely been hard too but today is all about celebrations!  Every year, every day I'm molding myself into someone I want to be.  The person I wanted to be last year may be different than now- that's what's so fun about life.  Well, here's who I am now, at this very moment in my life:
to illustrate this, I thought I'd give you a list of 26 random things... that, added all up still only make up 1/1000th of me, but you get the idea.

1. I legitimately enjoy eating prunes.  I'm probably the minority, aside from our older generation, but they are delicious to me! And no, they don't have "that" kind of affect on me.

2. I elaborate... more than any human should.  I mean really.  My stories have sub stories every few seconds.  The sub stories have sub stories every few seconds!  It's a miracle anyone can stand talking listening to me. (;

3. I exaggerate!  An example of this was when talking to my little brother I'm all, "I ALWAYS DO THAT!... well... okay I sometimes do that.  Okay...Actually, I never do that."  And then like that one time I was telling people how "melon balling" was a "work out"... I said I started sweating from it being such a work out.  (The sweating was an exaggeration)  Sadly, I don't think they knew I was exaggerating a tad and I think I grossed some people out.  Haha!  Oops.

4. I'm a GOOF.  That word can be interchangeable with nerd, really.  I'm a big silly.  What am I now, 26?  Yet my favorite movie quotes are "sorry I'm late guys, I was taking a crap" (The Sting, 1973) - and - "Do you not realize I have had diarrhea since Easterz?!" (Nacho Libre, 2006).  Not to mention practically every line in Dumb and Dumber makes me roll.  So you can see why I personally believe growing up is optional- it's just the growing old that's mandatory.

5. I'm a champion brian-freeze-averter.  I guess I never realized this before I married Tony but he noticed I never get brain freezes.  I'm guessing it was years in the making, all that practice.  I'd like to thank the 7-11 down the street from me growing up, my pink huffy for getting me there, and the thousands upon thousands of slurpees consumed in my life that made me the person I am today.

6. I don't lose things.  Scratch that, I don't lose things permanently.  Tony would argue this because I'm always like, "WHERE ARE MY SUNGLASSES!!?!"  (check your face, Connie.)  But since everything has "it's place" I always find them again.  So I don't lose things permanently, just temporarily.  Unfortunately this only applies to "my" far as losing my kids things, that's another story.

7. I'm obsessed with conservation.  I despise wastefulness.  I use my toothpaste until it's physically impossible to squeeze any more out, I reuse and reuse paper until there's no scrap left to write on, and even if there is just one squirt of ketchup or one swig of milk left, I save it.  I have a box for  "scrap paper" that I haven't really added to since we've been married and it's still just as full, if not more full, than ever. haha

8. I pick things up with my feet.  I've done this for as long as I can remember.  It's easier than bending allll the way to the floor, okay?  Haha.  Picking up laundry, throwing something in the garbage, I've done it all.  Be jealous.

9. I'm not a TV person.  I LOVE watching "our shows" with Tony at night but only because he is there with me.  When he's gone or out of town I'd rather do computer stuff or just sleep.  I'm also super fidgity and can't really stand sitting through an entire 30 minute show with out getting up at least once.

10. I have super tough hands and feet.  I amaze people with my ability to wash my hands in "scalding water" (it's not scalding to ME) and how I walk barefoot on rocks, among other things.  People don't see how I do it.  I never wore shoes as a kid, maybe?

11. I have usuals at restaurants.  When I find something I like, I stick to it.  If you were to ask any one of my family members to name the first food that came to mind when they thought of me, 10 times out of 10 you will get Chilli Cheese Fries from Del Taco. Also, if there is one fast food joint that I can be suckered into eating at regularly, with no concern about the consequences, it would be Chick Fil A.  That place... oh man.  And their lemonade has to be in my blood stream by now.

12. I love making lists- on paper especially.  To do lists are my favorite.  I often write down things after I've done them just so I can cross them out.  I have my phone where I make lists but there's something better about writing them down.

13. If my left ear were a car I'd name her ol' rusty.  I'm practically deaf in that ear (give or take).  She's been through the ringer... and, try as she might, will just never live up to my right.  It's pretty sad but when I sleep on my right side it drowns out a lot of noises.  When I sleep with my bad ear facing down it's loud as crap.  So, it's more and more obvious as time rolls on that my left ear's hearing is going down the hill.

14.  I hate when people watch me sleep.  Unlike the movies where the girls look all cute asleep and their man watches them in awe, falling more and more in love, there's me... mouth all agape, hair in knots, and depending on my allergies, possibly snoring a little.  That, I can't be sure about (the snoring).  But, alls I do know is I really DO NOT like people watching me sleep... I'm very sensitive about it because I'm positive I'm doing something embarrassing.

15. I have OCD tendencies.  I color coordinate my closet, my pillows can only be placed in certain areas on the couch and bed, and I will only fold my towels a certain way.  To name a few.  But then there are times where I don't give a care about other things so at least I'm balanced (;

16.  I tend to want to "do it all".  Growing up I tried girl scouts, cheerleading, playing the drums, soccer, piano, swimming, ballet, track, blah blah... and now my to-do list of "stuff to make" or "stuff to learn" is never ending.  That's good, I think... but I'm learning, still, to not pile so much on my plate.

17. I wouldn't touch ranch with a 10 foot pole back in the day.  BUT ever since I got prego with Hyrum, and we were eating wings from Wing Stop in our apartment in Oklahoma, I've been IN LOVE!  Why did I deprive myself for 25 years?!  I will say though... mayo is still the sickest thing on the planet.  (And I am well aware mayo is in ranch.. more or less.  Please don't bring that up.)

18. I have to sleep with a body pillow in between my legs and an eye mask under my pillow for when the sun wakes me up.  Never used to be so picky about my EXACT sleeping position but pregnancy messed with me.

19. I love bold flavors and I am a condiment-aholic.  I practically drench my food in sauces and spices.  I'm obsessed with spicy things like jalapenos, pepperoncini's, etc.  Nothing is too hot or sour for me.  And I'll take sour candies over chocolate, any day.

20. Even though I've played (off and on) for 18+ years, I can't really talk while I play the piano.  I can say "yeah, okay" and stuff's just never been a strong suit.  So know that.  Don't strike up a conversation with me if I'm doing prelude music in church.  I'll have to stop.  haha!

21.  I have a sickness where I think everything has to be "even".  Definitely stems from my childhood where it was literally a race to the hostess cupcakes.  If you didn't divvy up the goods evenly FIRST THING you were out of luck.  So I still find that sometimes I do this with Tony to make sure he gets his "fair share" of things.  I don't see how it is a bad thing really but Tony laughs at me when he notices this tendency.

22.  Most of my pet-peeves revolve around driving.  I'm not a fan of driving first of all, and I love that Tony does it all in this relationship.  I used to have a slight case of road rage but I'm mellowing out a lot. Let's just say I'm not a fan of busy roads and people who don't know how to signal.

23. I q-tip my ears daily, which makes them essentially unneeded.  But I can't help it.  I also bruise easily and generally don't know where half my bruises originated from.

24. I'm kind of an over-achiever.  I got a piano scholarship once because of it- that I still am proud of.  But, I've noticed this especially since college.  I took Advanced Placement classes in high school but I didn't care if I got B's.  Now, I feel like a failure if I don't get all A's!  Although I love this about me, sometimes I wish I were a little more carefree like Tony.  He doesn't obsess like I do over every single homework assignment.  But, school is over for a while, for me.

25.  I guess I grind my teeth because my dentist made me get a bite plate for when I sleep.  Do I wear it? Not as much as I should.  I like how I care about a 5 point homework assignment more than whether or not my teeth are ground to a pulp.  I need to analyze my priorities, I guess. ha!

26.. I've always loved running.  I was in track in high school, have run a few 10 mile races, and the Baltimore half marathon.  A goal of mine is to run a full marathon like my mom and brother.  Someday.

So there you have it.  26 random little things about me.  I can't believe I'm 26.  Yep, 26 has a "feel"...

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Leticia said... Reply To This Comment

I turned 26 in March and definately felt older. It didn't help that in a few short weeks after I had a 5 yr. old! Sheesh!

It was funny, as you were describing yourself I kept saying, "hey, me too!" :) You're like my twin or something. Which is saying alot because based on those 26 things you and I have more in common than me and my actual twin! :)
Happy old fart! LOL

Sasha said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Birthday!!

Teresa said... Reply To This Comment

I can definitely relate to #10. I never wore shoes as a kid, and we had a gravel driveway. And my husband always says that I must have killed all the nerves in my hand because I use really hot water too :)

Jennifer said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Birthday! Wait till you turn 29, then you'll really feel old. Although having 2 kids really does help in the how old you feel department.

I can definitely relate to the need for As. In high school I couldn't of cared less, but now that I am paying for the classes with an actual goal in mind I am not satisfied with anything less than perfect. I'm like Why did I only get a 98? Where are the other two points? Its a bit obsessive.

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Happy happy birthday!!!! :)

amy said... Reply To This Comment


Mars said... Reply To This Comment

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Ok seriously I'm glad you made this list. You are like my twin and now I don't feel as silly about some of my quirks because I know at least another person out there has them :) and I use the term quirks loosely :)
I'd have to agree with 2, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26...I think I caught myself thinking "ME TOO" to almost all your whole list. Hope you enjoy your day and your hubby and cute babies spoil you!!

Kaitlyn said... Reply To This Comment

Happy birthday! I totally pick things up with my feet too! LOL!

In our sea of love

Eeny said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Birthday, Connie.

Awesome list. I am so with you on almost every one of these...
Seriously, why bend down to pick something up if your feet are already down there, right?!... and talking about OCD - I only do turn the volume on my radio in the car to numbers that end with 5 or 0 (23 is ok though because it is my birthday =) same with getting up in the morning only 5, 10, 15 and so on after 6...but for everything else I do prefere even numbers. And a big YES to to-do list with things I have already done and be able to instandly cross them out - looks like I've been busy bee and have accoplished something ha ha ha ...and everyone need to be a goof ball, well not everyone...ok only some special ones ;)

Happy birthday and I hope you are having a blast and enjoy your vacation.

Courtney B said... Reply To This Comment

Happy birthday pretty mama!!
And this post is one of my favorites! You're adorable :)
And #2....DIDO! Drives my hubs crazy haha!

Autumn said... Reply To This Comment

I love this :)

I am obsessive about q-tips as well. I have gotten my husband into the routine as well since we got married.

The feet thing...sometimes I pinch my husband with my toes to surprise him. Maybe that's weird...or maybe you do it too.

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

haha people think I'm crazy when I pick things up with my toes... they usualy shake their head at me. But I can't help it. haha
And I do like to exaggerate also. I sometimes may go overboard, but I think now people get the point when I tell them I did it hundreds of times, when really its like 40 times haha Your list is awesome, you are such an amazing person Connie. Happy Birthday to you!
I can't believe we're about the same age, and you have done sooo much. I need to get cracking haha (:

Mrs. Biscuit said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Birthday Connie!
Reading your 26 little random things totally brightened my day... When I turn 26 next month I might just have to copy this idea... You're so clever!

Now for some comments about your 26 random things:

~I too love prunes, and I'm certain they don't actually work in *that* way. ;) They're just yummy dried fruit!

~Being ocd about tidiness shouldn't count! I love it when the pillows are on the couch in just the right way, when the comforter hangs evenly off the edge of the bed, when all of my forks and spoons are laying neatly in their little drawer organizer... It's not OCD, it's awesome! Haha! =)

~Driving is terrible, people are mean, cars are scary, they go too fast and people drive too close... I'm very happy when my hubby does the driving!

~I admire your love of running. Since I'm so accident/injury prone running is basically out of the question for me... but even if I could safely run I don't think I'd like it, the pounding in my ears from my feet hitting the pavement would drive me bonkers! I'm much happier on my bike, but I do wish I liked running because it's so much less expensive!

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Connie! I hope this year will be the best one yet!

<3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

Shalyn said... Reply To This Comment

Happy birthday pretty lady! And I absolutely LOVED reading this! So much that I can relate to. You want a list? Well, okay then here are some...

2. My husband always tries to tell my stories because mine are 20 min long and his end up being 2.

5. I tease my husband about this all the time! I shove icecream in his face to TRY and give him one, ha!

10. My hubby gets ticked when I leave the water on hot because he cant handle it. What a weenie.

11. I got something different at Subzero the other day and cried. I NEVER deviate from my faves.

12. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

22. AZ drivers have GOT to be the worst! Hope they are better in KY!

26. My goal is to run a marathon as well!

Have a great day, Connie!

Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Birthday!! :)

wholesouls2 said... Reply To This Comment

You are a beautiful inside and out at 26 years old. I am glad that we got to take you to the Cheesecake Factory for your "birthday dinner" one day late.

I loved the update you did on Hyrum; what an amazing kid he is and the tribute you did for your brothers and their wives on the wedding day! Can you believe it has been 18 years since the dedication of the San Diego Temple? I am glad I got to take you all as children. You have so many talents and I am proud to be your Mom!

Brea said... Reply To This Comment


Monique said... Reply To This Comment

Holy cow I do a lot of the same quirky things you do. My distaste for driving has been documented, but I've chilled a bit since moving to a significantly smaller town. I have to sleep with a body pillow. I Q-tip daily and ca not even imagine what life would be like if I didn't. We have a fridge full of condiments, and I love them all - Bring on the flavor! Also am a list fanatic. I write lists on anything and write anything on lists because there is noting that can compare with crossing-it-off-satisfaction. I, too, have very nimble toes that assist in picking things up around the house.
Good to know I'm in good company!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you ALL!!! And I have loved reading how we are alike in some ways! ♥ You guys are great (:

Jennifer said... Reply To This Comment

Apparently you and I are a lot alike! I LOVE prunes, I grind my teeth at night, I've always loved running, I play piano, I love making lists...seriously, I could go on! I hope you had a great birthday!