Sunday, June 5, 2011

lovely list

I have a few random little things I wanted to share so I thought I'd throw it all in one post.  Just so happens they are a bunch of lovely little things, too.  Isn't that nice. (:

1.  Are words even necessary?!  Well I can't help myself..  Honestly isn't he just the squishiest!?  This kid is also fearless in the bathtub.  Waaayy different than Brody. (I find it funny I'm still a little surprised about them being different. ha.)  He's been SOAKING me from all his kicks and splashes in the water.  Seriously doesn't stop the whole time- he loves it!  Water polo in his future?  I wouldn't be surprised.

2. I had to document Brody's first sidewalk chalk drawing of a person.  He's never actually DRAWN anything other than squiggles so I was cracking up when he pointed out it's arms and legs!  Love it.  Anyways.. do you even see it?

3. Shouldn't every lovely list include forever 21?  I think so.  And I was super happy to see the one closest to me is two stories of awesomeness.  It's like a Macy's in size- haha.  I'm so easily appeased.  I love shopping there- not only are they adorbs but since they are so affordable I can shop twice as much!  Win.

4. You guys voted your little mouse clicker fingers off weeks back and now I'm featured.  Go see!  And once again thanks for making me feel special (goodness knows I need it sometimes:)

5. I've heard about pinterest for a while but I haven't looked into it too much.  That is until I saw a curious link on my stats and it took me to this!!  You ladies are all so sweet to think my sctuff is interesting enough to add to pinterest (:  Thanks!

6. I also found my blog listed on Craigslist(again saw the link through my stats).  I was actually very flattered so thank you whoever that was(;

Honestly whenever new people come around these parts it makes me happy.  I'm trying to catch up saying hello back but I stink at it lately!  I sure do appreciate ya'll though.  Thanks for being great, blogland!