Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it's picnic month!!...next month.

I found out last year that June is national picnic month.  Turns out it's really July but whatev.  Who wants to have a sweaty picnic?  So we decided to have one last week for fhe before it got too hot and humid.  Sadly I wasn't as prepared as I initially thought so basically we were in and out of there in two shakes of a rats tail.  Or something.
But anyways...I took pictures...
::aren't those watermelon stars so darling?  Imagine the possibilities for your fourth of july....
::i'm glad I finally had an excuse to take a picture of my brownie (camera).. I've been collecting old cameras for a while now and I'm obsessed!
::paper straws.  you know how I love them
::brody clearly wasn't cooperating with our family picture... didn't really get one, oh well!
::that cupcake was like 4 days old but it was still spectacular.

So like I said I was going to have Brody eat these on our family picnic.. but I forgot all the "fixins".. aka, veggies, cheese, oh... and the meat.  Can't really have a crusty-the-croissantwich with nothing but a croissant now can we.  So I was bummed about that.  Naturally.  And we bought this 9 dollar bug repellant that we hadn't opened beforehand to realize it needed batteries.  So much for that novel idea.  OH- and there were cat size ants that kept trying to sneak on our blanet, quiznos didn't cut our subs in half, I forgot hyrum's spoon so he was starving and fussy, and yadda yadda.   HAHA!  Good times.  It really was though!  It was a very beautiful evening and nothing is better than spending time with my boys.  I love them so much.  Sooooo so much.

...And don't judge us for going to quiznos (the equivalent of "camping" in cabins;)- we had coupons for free ones thanks to groupon so...yeah.

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Autumn said... Reply To This Comment

So cute! This makes me miss that Kentucky grass...so much!

tuesdays at nordic said... Reply To This Comment

What fun! This is a great idea we should do with our family. I really love those star shaped watermelon. Yah, definitely perfect for the fourth! You are so dang clever!

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

Niiiice. I love picnics. Dj has been asking if we can go on one for awhile... I feel bad that I keep saying we will, but haven't yet ):
Ohh a Brownie!! I actually know what that is. haha I'm taking photography classes, I finished a History of Photography course this past semester and I LOVED it.
Hyrum dahling is too cute. Brody hehe reminds me of my Kai, all over the place and doing the most adorable things ever (:

Benj and Jackie said... Reply To This Comment

awe, we have that same picnic basket and love it! we'll have to go on a picnic together if this weather ever gets less humid! :)

p.s. love the pics!

Overthinking Mama said... Reply To This Comment

i think we may have to go on a picnic this weekend... :-)

Venassa said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like fun! It doesn't matter what the food is - a picnic is a picnic. Love the attempts at family photos where Brody looks like he's ready to run at the camera.

Shalyn said... Reply To This Comment

I always look forward so much to your pictures and they never disapoint! I am totally going on a picnic this weekend!

wholesouls2 said... Reply To This Comment

Your picnic was quick but worth it for these pictures. Brody is always loving Hyrum. They are good brothers! Love, Mom

Randi Gardner said... Reply To This Comment

haha thats funny about the quiznos. Picnics for my family was always fried chicken from the grocery store deli... so no judgement here. Lovely photos as always. Glad I'm not the only one that would be excited to take photos of a picnic. :)

Kris and Corissa said... Reply To This Comment

looks like a fun picnic. i love your basket. super cute!

miss lex: said... Reply To This Comment

oh my goodness, your family is too adorable. i'm lovin all these photos!! :)

Vanessa said... Reply To This Comment

Aww picnics are so fun! I love the watermelon stars! & I don't think getting quiznos is cheating. We often get subs to take, it's easier that way!

Lacey said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like fun and great pics, BUT I can't do paper straws. Not at all. Paper between my teeth is like nails on a chalk board for me. I can't do popsicle sticks either. I'm more of a push pop or ice cream with a spoon kinda gal.