Thursday, June 2, 2011

friday, saturday, sunday

Warning!!: Butt load of pictures.  Why do you think I've been putting this off?  And sorry they were all taken with point and shoots... or camera phones.  Before you proceed go enter THIS GIVEAWAY!  It ends SUNDAY!  I'm giving away a print from my etsy shop.  If you don't like free stuff you are un-American.  That is all.
So anyways...
Haha Brody hates family pictures.  He was screaming, "I DON'T WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE!!" Oh well.
So this isn't even half the pictures I have from the weekend!  My mom is just like me (I'm like her, rather) and we take a ton (and then I steal hers;)
When we moved here I was so worried the temple would be far from us.  NOPE!  So happy about that.
And just like that the weekend was over with my parents.  So glad they could come and stay longer this time!  Till next time, guys!

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Morgan said... Reply To This Comment

The Louisville Slugger is a pretty cool place and the tour is interesting. I have been there twice, taken the tour only one of the times though. I was in FFA and we went to Indianapolis for National Convention and then did tours and such over in Kentucky. It is a pretty place! I love all your pictures, you do a fabulous job!

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

what a fun weekend. So fun your parents get to come so often! That Louisville Slugger factory looks so interesting (ok so all of your activities do). Oh and I LOVE your stripe shirt thing with the lace. So cute. I saw a shirt similar style tonight but not one in my size. My wallet was thankful :)

Courtney B said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like you had the BEST weekend!! I love the stiped..shirt? Dress? I'm an idiot? But I LOVE it!
Brody looks adorable in the ft knox pictures!

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

What an interesting weekend. Oh fabolous Louisiville, the jazz... the baseball... I love it. B & H look sooo cute. I am super glad your parent came to spend time with you guys. I know I am gonna miss them so much when I move ):

Hannah said... Reply To This Comment

I love your dress! Where did you get it?

kenzie said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like tons of fun! :) And you can never overload with pictures. ;) plus, i love all of the photos.
I loooove you're dress! It's so cute! :)
Okay, and those cupcakes? They look too good to be true. Where is that at? yum.
Glad you had a great weekend! :)


amy said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like you had a great, fun weekend!!

PS. I love that ring you are wearing!

Jaime said... Reply To This Comment
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Jaime said... Reply To This Comment

Love the pictures!! And seeing a little something of Ft. Knox (my old stomping grounds). I can't even tell you how many times I've been to the Patton Museum! I was on the drill team in High School (spinning rifles and color guard and stuff)- we were there all of the time! A quick trip down memory lane for me. Very nice that your parents came for a visit!! =)

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

I love you. Come home. And bring me one of those cupcakes ;)

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

To everyone who was wondering, I got the shirt dress at Charlotte recently! I LOVE IT! Super comfortable too (: