Friday, June 24, 2011


BLOG PATRY!  B.Y.O.P!!!  Bring your own ... pineapple?  okay..
*cough.  Er, no I'm not saying bring your own pineapple.
No party.  No pineapple.  (ha.)  Actually...

Be Your Own Person.
This is something I've been thinking a lot about.  Last summer I wrote a post about originality.  I love it, I crave it, I said.  Very true.  Sadly with 7 billion people in the world people are going to think of the same things.  People are going to be similar.  People are going to copyright their crap but most people don't care about that.  OR people won't even know about said copyright, they'll come up with the same thing, & didn't know it was already thought of.

There are few things in life we can truly call ours.  Have you ever said, "Dude.. I started that."  I've heard people say that before with phrases or outfit ideas, etc.  Maybe they did but at the same time someone in another state started it too.  Even I've "come up" with lots of grand ideas just to see it on someone else's blog before I get around to posting mine.  Kinda bugs me... because I'm really proud of my creativity!  And then I feel I'd be copying THEM if I did the same or similar thing.  And I wouldn't of even been copying them!  (but no one else would know)  I'm not a fan of copying other people.  Rather... I'm all about "inspiration".  I like to be "inspired" by other people.  I'll be impressed with something and figure out how to make it my own.  Copy?  No. (Unless I do, then I give credit where credit's deserved).

With that said,  I'm not going to let other's hinder my own creativity.  So what if we think or do things similar.  I'll still create what I want, etc.  Even if it's been done.  Still though, I think uniqueness is important.  I think those that flat out copy other people are depriving the world what THEY can bring it.  Think about it!

If you don't think you are good at anything, or capable of being unique or creating things on your own, listen to THIS.  Hopefully the song will inspire you as it has me.

So back to those things we call ours.  I got one... our words.  Our writings.  Those, I think, are ours.  Think about it... you don't see other "Twilight" books floating around that say the EXACT same thing.  Sure there are people who copy certain things about books and write their own- but they are never exactly the same.

So what I'm getting at is... I'd like to encourage you to be your own person.  Be original!  No one else in the world is exactly like you- as much as some people try.  Everyone is unique and therefore has something unique and different to offer the world.  I hope there are people out there who I inspire- but for the love of all that is holy... do not plagiarize my words.  Do not steal my photos.  Do not, just do not.  Because in the words of Chris Rock, "that ain't right!"