Wednesday, June 29, 2011

blackberry chocolate fudge cupcakes

So I promised a friend like 6 months ago I'd post this for her.  So here it is!  Tony called these, "freakin amazing" and "delicious" so you KNOW they are worth trying.  He's not a cupcake fan like I am.
I took a recipe for frosting that I already had and tweaked it based off what I had in my fridge.  Blackberries!
So here's how to make 'em..

What you need: 
for the cake:
for the frosting:
frozen blackberries, thawed but cold
1 cup unsalted butter (cold, slightly softened)
pinch of coarse salt
3 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

to make the cake:
follow box instructions for mixing the cake ingredients. Take the fudge packet inside and make in separate bowl.  Rather than swirl into a cake pan like the box says, put an ice cream scoop amount of cake batter into cupcake cups, take the fudge mixture and add a teaspoon or two size amount to each cupcake.  Poke it into the middle of the cupcake with a toothpick.  You'll have a fugdey center!  (then just bake for the amount on the box- check with a toothpick until cooked through)
-cool completely-

to make the frosting:
puree 1/2 cup blackberries.  Beat together butter & salt on medium until light and fluffy.  Add powdered sugar little by little.  Add 3 tablespoons of your pureed blackberries and the vanilla.  Mix until just blended.  Do not overmix- frosting should be dense and creamy.

These are SO good.  
some tips:
I actually like them best the 2nd day- seems like the flavors are more obvious (especially in the frosting). 
do not add too much blackberry puree.  It'll make your frosting fall apart.
if you don't poke the fudge down you might get caved in cupcakes.  Make sure you cover it with batter (:
Hope you like!  I made these for our picnic, remember?
as for other news, I finally got up and running!  There's more where that came from but you'll just have to go see.  (a new blog)  Follow along if you want!

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Karm said... Reply To This Comment

MMmmm those look amazing. I am most definitely going to try these. I love how your frosting came out (:

Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

yummy! I think I'll be needing to try these :)

Heidi said... Reply To This Comment

mm those look delicious! I need to make them stat!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I die. These looks delish!

Vanessa said... Reply To This Comment

I'm drooling, these look delicious!!! & Tony not being a cupcake fan... what?! I didn't know there are anyone out there who could resist cupcake's charm and deliciousness!

Brea said... Reply To This Comment

Um I CANNOT wait until I am back in the states! TOTALLY going to make these!! YUM YUM YUM! :)

Bridget said... Reply To This Comment

holy moly they look soooooo good. i really want them but just REALLY don't want to make them myself.

Shalyn said... Reply To This Comment

I love blackberries so I cant wait to try these! Thanks for the recipe!

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said... Reply To This Comment

my goodness these look so good!! i will have to print off this recipe :)

Megan said... Reply To This Comment

mmmmm! delicious! i can't wait to try these out, maybe this weekend! thanks for posting it for me, i feel so special! :)

wholesouls2 said... Reply To This Comment

I might just end up making a cake for Perris and Elyse for their wedding reception using this recipe. It would be wonderful to brainstorm how to serve and prepare it. I am thinking different tiers would have a different type of cake on it. Love, Mother

Nichol said... Reply To This Comment

Yum! My brother would love these, loves everything blackberry!

Lacey said... Reply To This Comment

The cupcakes look delicious!! Your kids have grown since I last checked your blog! I geuss that means it's been too long:)

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

I was at your house when you had some stale ones sitting in your cake dish :)

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

hahah! Yes you were! For the record they only got stale because Tony was out of town and I didn't want to eat the whole pan by myself! Otherwise they would've been gone in two days (;

Hannah said... Reply To This Comment

I made this frosting but with strawberries and I added some heavy cream to make the consistency a little less delicious! And you're totally right, it's better after the first day!