Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And I love you, random citizen

When I blog, I do it for me, my posterity, and my family & friends who miss us.  But there's no denying I've picked up a few blog friends along the way that I don't know in "real life".  I don't often acknowledge you all because I feel silly doing so.  I never expected to have "readers" so sometimes I'm like- do I say hi?  Or just leave them to silently stalk?;)  (I usually say Hi back though)   I do enjoy having people around these parts- and I enjoy hearing from you.  So basically- I'd like to focus on my readers today and say hi!  So,
HI! And thanks for being here.
People are always confused when they read my blog or hear me talk about my life.  I often get, "wait, what?"  I totally get why.  They hear me talk about Oklahoma, Arizona, and California all at once and wonder where the heck I'm really from.  SO I thought I'd give you a timeline... haha!!
1985 born in Utah (where parents were going to school, BYU)
1986 my family moved to southern California (where my dad was originally from)
2003 graduated high school in CA (same school my dad did)
2004 moved to Virginia (where my parents were relocated)
2005 went to BYU in Utah
2006 January-April went to BYU-Idaho
2006 April- met my future husband, moved back to Virginia and had a long distance relationship for 2 months (Tony was in Florida selling pest control)  We both got tired of being apart and he relocated, as did I, to Arizona (we even flew there together:)
2006 July- moved to Arizona (engaged in August, married in October)
2009 summer- went to Oklahoma where Tony sold pest control, then back to Arizona in the off-season
2010 summer- went to Oklahoma where Tony sold pest control, then back to Arizona in the off-season
2011 March- moved to Kentucky and here we are.
That's basically the gist.  The very short, boring version.  The exciting version includes a ton of road trips around the whole country, jaw surgery, my parents moving out and us high school graduates running the joint, and somehow escaping every speeding ticket a policeman wanted to give me.  Well the jaw surgery wasn't fun, never mind.
At any rate, maybe now it's more clear what my life has been about.
Now let's hear from you!  Where are YOU from and where have you been?
And again thanks for reading my blog.  Even though it's boring sometimes (;

(we watched Megamind for FHE monday night, that's what's the deal with my title;)
*some old film pictures from my childhood... sometime in the 90's. 

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Christy said... Reply To This Comment

Sooooo, I'm a new follower & agree 100%. I blog for me, but love meeting new people & reading bout their lives as well. My "where are you from" story is short, so here goes! Born and raised in California....never lived anywhere outside of here...moving to Austin, Texas in approximately 10 days! No family in Texas, a few friends (although not the reason for the move), it just sounded like a nice change from the hustle and bustle of Cali. I'm thrilled and terrified at the same time, but couldn't as fr two better people to take along for the adventure: my husband & daughter. Let the fun begin!!

Laura said... Reply To This Comment

Love the post. And I keep forgetting to tell you that half the time I try to comment, I can't seem to figure out where the "make a comment" thing is. Weird. But anyway, here's my timeline:

1986: born in San Luis Obispo, Cali
1987: move to provo, utah
1988: move to South Carolina
1990: move to New Jersey
1991: move to West Palm Beach, Florida
1996: move to Centerville, Utah
2001: move to Richmond, Kentucky
2004: graduate HS, move to Provo for BYU
2005: engaged, move to Mesa, AZ
2 months later: break off engagement, move home to KY
2005-6 months later: meet future husband
2006-married in May, move to Louisville
2009-husband graduates DS, and we decide to stick around.

Here's to timelines!

Sasha said... Reply To This Comment

I love the title. I loved that movie and I was so sad to find out my family didnt like it. Anways.

1989. Born in Mesa AZ
1994. Moved to Orem, UT
1996. Moved to Mesa, AZ
2010. Moved to Augusta, GA
2010. Moved to Mesa, AZ
2010. Moved to Daegu, South Korea.
2011. Moved back to Mesa, AZ
2011. TBA haha fairly boring

P.S. I super love your blog

thinkpriddy said... Reply To This Comment

1988- born in houston, tx.
1993- moved to arizona
1994- moved to pearland, tx.

since then i've moved back to houston twice but for the time being i'm living in pearland. still trying to figure out where i want to live next. the sky is the limit!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said... Reply To This Comment

Well, we've talked and we are FB friends, but never met, but I look up to you a lot :)

I haven't been that many places.

1989 - Born in Show Low AZ
2002 - Moved to Farmington, NM
2003- Moved to Overgaard, AZ
2007- Moved to Tempe, AZ
Now in July of 2011, I will be moving to Flagstaff, AZ

I really need to leave AZ haha.

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

haha I thought I recognized the title from somewhere. Megamind is hilarious, I love Blue aliens.

I think I have been folowing your blogs for quite some time and I am delighted to read your posts... maybe I should start from the beginning one day to read about some of your fun road trips.

Well anyway... I am Karm. Mother to 4 lovely boys. Ages 6,5,4 and 3.. yeah they came right after another :-/
I have lived in Arizona my whole life, so basically since 1984... I took a small break from Arizona in Kansas for a spring semester in 2002. I still represent KU & HINU from time to time. hehe I am also a Native American from the WMAT & Navajo tribes... not that that needed to be thrown out there, but it's part of me, so I might as well. haha Umm... I have no idea what else to add... but I am thrilled you took time to ask us about ourselves, I still wish we had gotten together to have lunch or something before you left Arizona ): oh well one day.

Jennifer said... Reply To This Comment

1982, born in AZ. 1986 moved to Illinois. 1987, moved back to AZ. Will never ever leave!

Love Megamind! Are you wearing Jean Paul Gautier, for Him?

Alaythea said... Reply To This Comment

Born in Missouri, moved to Alabama when I was a couple months old, lived there till I was 12, moved to NC with my parents, moved back to AL after graduation and went to school, my hubby (from NC) moved down there and we got married and lived in AL a year, moved back to NC to be near my parents and his and we've been here ever since!

Shelby Lou said... Reply To This Comment

I got confused a little when I first started reading your blog, I am glad you did this. Let's see, I was born in Las Vegas in 1990 and lived here until 2009 when I moved to Logan Utah. I lived there for four months, then came back to Vegas. In 2010 I moved to Provo and lived there until August. Now I am back here in Las Vegas working my life away. I miss Utah Summers sooooo much. :(

Ashley Eliza said... Reply To This Comment

whenever i ask people this question i always find them asking me and me thinking my answer is SO boring haha.

born & raised in Orem, UT same house. everything. moved down south to school for 2 years now back in Orem :)

my parents are from so cal too and i LOVE it. hope to live there someday. but then again i love the mountains and utah.

such a fun post connie!


Signe said... Reply To This Comment

1963 Born in Denver, Colorado
1965 Moved to Lansing, Michigan
1981 Went to school at BYU Provo
1986 Moved to Mesa, Arizona
1992 Moved to Joliet, Illinois
1992 10 days later, moved to Eaton Rapids, Michigan
1993 Moved to Lansing, Michigan
1996 Moved to Layton, Utah
2002 Moved to North Ogden, Utah
2004 Moved to Clinton, Utah
2006 Moved to North Salt Lake, Utah
2006 Moved to Clearfield, Utah
2007 Moved back to North Salt Lake, Utah
2009 Moved to Bountiful, Utah

Next up: Back to Mesa!

stylefyles said... Reply To This Comment

Oh wow, you've been all over the place! I like this idea of sharing/ meeting readers. I feel the same way about my's definitely grown into something bigger than I expected (from the start it was a blog for myself and I really continued it a lot because I knew my mom liked to check in). Soooooo here's my quick timeline:

1984: Born in CT
2002: Moved to NJ for undergrad
2006: Moved to Orange County, CA for film school
2008: Moved to Los Angeles to work, and here I am!

Hannah said... Reply To This Comment

Just so you know...I love when you comment back! Where did you live in Oklahoma?! We're about to move to Norman (haven't blogged about it yet because it's still hush, hush!) Did you like it?!

My timeline:

1989 - 2007: Northern California where I grew up and finished high school
2007 - present: West Texas for college
SOON: Central Oklahoma to hopefully find a job and let my husband finish school.

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Hey (waves)! Been around for a while but thoughts I'd play along.

1986 - Born and raised in a small town in southern Nevada
2004 - graduate, got married, moved to Reno, Nv
2007 - Husband graduated, moved back to home town.

That's it! I'm just a small town girl!

Glad we're online friends. :)

Amy said... Reply To This Comment

I've been following your blog for a long time now & it's one of my favorites!
I'm from a small town, Prescott in Arizona. You've probably heard of it since you've lived in Arizona. : )

al said... Reply To This Comment

Ha, wow. You have lived in a lot of places!


1990- born in Natchitoches, Louisiana
1992- moved to Arkansas
2011- still in Arkansas, although in a different city for college

Not very exciting over here, haha. I do plan on moving to Utah when I graduate college, so there's that. :)

Brittany said... Reply To This Comment

Hello you are never boring! And I agree with you. I blog for me, but I've been so surprised by the amazing people (women) that I've "met".

I was born in Provo as well! Besides a short stint in Nevada when I was three and four and London when I was twenty-one, I've lived between SLC and Provo for my whole life. I haven't always loved Utah, but I really really do.

Celeste said... Reply To This Comment

Hello! i like to read your blog but i also like to see your pictures! well here is where im from.

feb1988-born in Chihuahua,Mex
moved to mesa az when i was abt 2.
aprox 1990-2005-lived in mesa, az
2005-moved to queen creek, az
and that is where i currently reside lol

Staci said... Reply To This Comment

I just have to start off saying that I love reading your blog, I've popped in time to time over the past year and a half or so. Now my time line.
1978-2004 El Dorado, Ks.
2004-2008 Wichita, Ks.
2008-Present Fort Smith, Ar.

The move to Fort Smith has been one of my biggest jumping blind kinda moments. My husband, two kids, and I made this move away from 99% of our friends and family. Some days it's lonely, some days its a wonderful new adventure, but we are glad we made this decision and whether we fail or succeed it's well worth it. As for traveling, I even lamer there. My parent only went on vacas only traveled to KS., Mo., Ok., and Ar.
I want to see more of the U.S. and hoping to finally make a introduction to TX. this Christmas (crossing fingers).

Randi Gardner said... Reply To This Comment

Cute post! Man I have lived in little ole' Saint George, Utah my whole life (minus a post high school Salt Lake City adventure for less than a year. ha)
I feel very small capared to all these "movers." But, I love my beautiful home and the weather and the community. Love your blog. I relate with you a lot.

Shalyn said... Reply To This Comment

YAY- how fun!Mine is easy- from Vancouver, Wa moved to Gilbert, AZ in 2004! And I feel the same way about my readers- its funny to think people care the least bit about my little life!

Rebecca said... Reply To This Comment

I really enjoy reading your blog. It is quite delightful. I'm from the East Coast/mid-Atlantic region and have lived on the water all of my life. I love reading about your adventures and hope you continue sharing them. It is amazing how I can be in such a different stage of my life (young professional) and find so much to relate to in your stories. It really has been a blessing. Thank you!

Gina said... Reply To This Comment

I absolutely LOVE reading your blog! I grew up in Redlands, Ca and moved to Mentone when i was about 5. Then i met my husband in senior year of highschool. I then moved back to Redlands when we got married and i got baptized. I met your sister Anne when i started going to church with my husband =]. Now we live in Calimesa with our 2 little boys.

Brea said... Reply To This Comment

Connie I just love you! haha this post makes me laugh! And I had NO idea that you guys actually MOVED to Kentucky! I must have missed that post.... I thought you were just there for summer sales again! hmm.... any who... I'll pay along with you fun game. :)
born: 1987 Mesa, AZ
married: March 2008
Met you: April 2008 (in druango ward)
Moved to Hawaii: Aug 2009
Moved to Brazil for the summer: Aug 2011

YAY fun facts! :)

Jaime said... Reply To This Comment

I’ve followed your blog for a while... and I really enjoy it! ;)

Let’s see...
I was born in Chicago in 76.
We moved to Phoenix in 78.
Moved to Kansas (Ft. Riley – Army) in 82.
Moved to Germany (Gelnhausen – Army) in 83.
Moved to Kentucky (Ft. Knox – Army) in 87.
Moved to Tempe (dad retired) in 93.
Met the husband in 93 (16 – junior in high school)
Married the husband 94 (18 – senior in high school)
Lived in Mesa, Tempe, Ahwatukee and Guadalupe...
Bought our first house in 2010 – and settled in Queen Creek.
(ha, “settled” – it’s only been 9 months!)


That’s me in a nutshell.

Kristi said... Reply To This Comment

Mine is the most boring...

1979 - Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
2002 - Married in Edmonton.
2002 - moved to a suburb of Edmonton.
2006 - First Beautiful daughter born in Edmonton.
2009 - Second Beautiful daughter born in Edmonton.

Oh boy...told ya....BORING! :) But I love my life! <3

Hil said... Reply To This Comment

whathe... we were at BYU-I during the same time! No. way. I was born in Utah, moved to Idaho when I was 8 and have been here ever since (even though my parents moved BACK to southern Utah 3 years ago).

p.s. I love, LOVE Megamind. A favorite.

Courtney B said... Reply To This Comment

Woooow!! You've been everywhere! I stayed in Utah my whole life. St George for 22 years. Northern Utah for the past almost 9 months. Haha I live an exciting life :)

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

I'm a little behind since I was out of town but I think it's so fun to see where people have been and where they are from.

1985-2003: Littleton, CO
2003-2004: Aurora, CO
Fall 2004: Greeley, CO
Jan-July 2005: Aurora, CO
Summer 2005: Provo, UT
Fall 2005: Gilbert, AZ
Summer 2006: Provo, UT
Fall 2006: Gilbert, AZ

And here I stay, probably for the rest of my life LOL :)

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

You already know my short and long life story tehe. Okay I watched Megamind on Sunday!! Twinner!! How do you get out of tickets?! I think there is a sign on my forehead that says "give me a ticket regardless of how I try to get out of it." except the time I got pulled over not wearing any out of that one :) so glad he didn't make me get out of the car hahaha!

amy said... Reply To This Comment

Your blog is never boring!! :)

I've lived in the Austin, TX area my entire life. However, I was born in Tucson,AZ and I lived in England for seven months in 2005.