Thursday, May 12, 2011

this blog is like olive garden

*Ok so rather than wait for blogger to get their act together I'll just go ahead and repost.  It's too bad we've all lost great literature and comments this last week (I'm a little nervous this'll happen again and my entire blog will be lost in outer space.)  At least my peeps in google reader got to enjoy this awesomeness??
"When you're here, you're family!"
dead. serious. (*makes creepy serious face)
Ok jk.  But I appreciate ya'll, yes'm I do.  Basically I forgot to mention that the little voting thing I shamlessly asked you to participate in paid off for little ol nobody me.  I made it into the top 25 and I was extremely flattered by that fact.  My brother was probably right when he called it a "pointless popularity contest" but even if that's true, it still feels good. Ha!  So anyways, thanks for that.  And might I mention I didn't realize there were other categories?! Why I decided to enter the one with every big whig blogger in town is beyond me.  So if you are a mom who blogs about her babiesmilitary mom, and nameless others... there's more voting fun going on and you should enter.  Fun, right?  Let me know and I'll totally vote for you.
Anywho.  So the last few weeks have been  NUTS!  NUTS I say.  Three (going on four) weeks ago we potty trained B.  Like I probably already said, that went SUPERB.  Yeah it's really old news because it took him two days to get down.  But we did have one accident in a public place since (and it was only because he refused to use the schnasty public "big potty" and then couldn't hold it.   No worries, we've since warmed him up to the idea.  Good for him?
And then the following week we were all sick and afflicted people.  None of us went anywhere and it sucked.  The week after we were still pretty afflicted but sickness was wearing off- other than Tony getting sick again after he already got better.  Yippie.  Then this week I have made great strides in my home life.  I started exercising again (pilates what what!) and I've again emerged to see the light of day.  I usually pride myself in being an extrovert but lately I've been completely content chillin at home doing laundry.  It was kinda nice (perfect timing).. but now that potty training and sicknesses are through I'm ready to breathe fresh air.  Of course the week I decide to it's 92 and humid.  That's OK, life is good.
Scratch that- it's great!  Beautiful.
*pictures taken in my yard a month ago. pretty, no?