Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Houston, we have a problem.

More like, Houston, we are a baldin'!
Holy mother of all that is holy.
My hair is falling out in massive amounts.  I don't suppose it's noticeable to anyone else but yeah.
Oh, let me back up in case you didn't know.  This is a common thing post-pregnancy.  Unless you are a lucky s.o.b.- b for b...eautiful.  For me, it always hits right at 4 months and goes till... i don't remember.  Alls I know is I'm still losing it and he'll be 6 months in a couple weeks.  (although I think it's started to let up...maybe?)

At any rate combine that with all this rain- occasional humidity- and general climate change and my hair is scraggly mcgee.  Flat and drab.  I miss my lucious pregnant hair!  And dry heat.

So help me... I'm looking for some new products.  Do you love your shampoo and conditioner?! Well then what do you use?!  I need something new.  
You should know- my hair is also curly.  Any tips/tricks/suggestions are welcome.  I know a lot of things but I am oblivious when it comes to hair- I stink at it.
Thank you thank you!

ps. today and tomorrow (till 5pm) are the LAST days of this then it's alllll over!  do me a 1.2 second solid?  IT'S SO STINKIN CLOSE!  I can use all the help I can get, who even knew I'd make it this far.
That's thanks to you.  Really, thank you!

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Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

I'm totally loosing my hair in massive amounts too! Yeah, the nice thick pregnant hair lasted 3 months after his birth for me, and now, I'm loosing it all!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

While I have no tips on the hair post, sorry (Nevada=hot & dry).. I did just read your not pregnant post.

I went through the same thing last week. I thought I was pregnant.. I thought I was ready too. But alas the stick said "NOT".

I like your idea for the new phrase "I'm sorry.. etc."

That dumb stick it so blunt.

Brooke said... Reply To This Comment

I don't have any tips but I'd like to know because my post-pregnancy hair falling out lasted FOREVER! IT was so annoying, but it stopped thank goodness even though my daughter is almost two and it still falls out a little!

Shelby Lou said... Reply To This Comment

I use dove intensive care. It is the best, and my hair is less frizzy, and more soft. It also has sort of helped my dandruff, which is a gift from God. I hate dandruff.

Benj and Jackie said... Reply To This Comment

Connie! I have very curly and frizzy hair as well and use pantene pro-v frizzy to smooth for medium-thick hair and it has worked wonders on my hair, especially in the humidty, and has kept the split ends away for longer :) good luck!

Alaythea said... Reply To This Comment

I recommend Aquage products! Absolutely amazing for straight or curly hair!

Jennifer said... Reply To This Comment

I do love some thick pregnant hair, and my total and complete lack of acne! I found that my hair loss wasn't as noticeable after my second baby, but it's because my hair was way shorter, so the pieces weren't as long and crazy. I couldn't wear a black shirt for a long time though, cause my hair would cover it!

Leticia said... Reply To This Comment

I'm past the losing part, (my baby is 10 months), but now I have these lovely 2 inch flyaway's that stand straight up! Something to look forward to? :)
I just switched to Aussie products and really like them. I also started using coconut oil once a week in my hair. It makes it feel amazing and healthy.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Hi!!! I just found your blog and I love it.
I just read this post and though OMG hilarious.. because I just typed up my blog post for tomorrow and it is on this very same thing!
If you get any good suggestions, please share.


I'm not Emily Brown said... Reply To This Comment

same here! still falling out 7 months post pregnancy - losing it by the shed load. Dry and pouffy and now i also have to contend with the ridiculous tufty bits where it is re growing. I recommend a product called Morroccan Oil which sorted me out a treat, lookin less like Beetle Juice!

Ailinh said... Reply To This Comment

My hair is driving me crazy after baby #2. I lost a lot, too, after he was born but then I am growing in some BABY hair of my own! It's so annoying and I can never pull my hair back cuz it's just stuck to the side of my head. Sigh* Oh wells. Anywho, I just use the regular ol' Aussie brands. Sometimes Suave if I'm feeling cheap, but hey it still works the same. :)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Matrix Biolage has saved my hair's life.

Allison Marcia said... Reply To This Comment

Along with others, I don't have any spectacular tips. :( I noticed that when I got my hair cut short I had much less of a problem with it but when I had it long my brush would be COVERED with my hair in one morning. I was terrified! I don't know if the length matters (or maybe because it's to short to go up in a ponytail/I let it air dry more.....).

Good luck with it!

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

um hi I haven't even had kids yet and my hair falls out like a mother (no pun intended LOL). Luckily I have super thick hair so I guess I have some to spare, but now I fear for post pregnancy hair loss..yikes! I would recommend RUSK Keratin smooth shampoo and conditioner. I put a shout out on my blog about it prob last month..check it out. It's freaking amazing, will definitely help make it smooth and conditioned and not frizzy. I swear by this stuff now. It changed my life. Definitely find it! I got it at a hair beauty supply place but I recently saw it at TJ Maxx (random) but if you can't find it order it online. I'm not kidding, you won't be disappointed!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said... Reply To This Comment

How about Biolage?

Boutique on Feet said... Reply To This Comment

Hi there! Well, I'm a mommy of 3 boys, too! So nice to have discovered your blog!

Autumn said... Reply To This Comment

I found thicker hair conditioner usually worked the best.

When I am at home I always make sure I have professional hair straighteners so my hair isn't fried and I use a lot more hair products like biosilk (it's a thick product).

Randi Gardner said... Reply To This Comment

I wish I knew a product that helps this too. I hated that! M little one is 6 months and I think it has stopped now... but wow! It was annoying!

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

I just got new stuff and I love it. I d k what it's called though - I'll text ya when I'm home and can check :)

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

PS I can't WAIT for my hair to fall out..I have enough for 9 people.