Sunday, May 15, 2011

dating tony

Sadly, it's been about two months since Tony and my last date.  I knew that would happen when we moved away from family aka free babysitters. (;  It's OK because we still get out as a family, of course.  However, there's just something about going out just us two that is needed.  I'm always cracking up the whole night with my giddy school girl urge to make out in parking lots.  Ha!  We just have so much fun together and it's nice to have conversation that's NOT over screaming kids that interrupt us every few seconds.  I'm a firm believer in dating your spouse.  I saw a friend facebook once, "first date in 9 months!"  So I know that I've just been spoiled these last few years but man.  I'm needing another date night.
That was our last date in Arizona.  We went to Tia Rosa's (miss you) and caught a flick. haha. jk. "caught a flick."  heh.  If you were to ask me if reviewing these pictures made me miss az, I'd have to say yes.  Lots.

Coolest Ruth's Chris around, I'm betting.  We were sky high eating the best steak of our lives (so good I neglected to camera phone capture it)  That was our first date in Louisville.  A sweet surprise from Tony! And his wonderful parents watched the kids for us while they were here helping us move in. (:
We went to see a movie and basically owned the theater.  Literally empty minus us.  Anyways.  Yep, I could go for another one of those.

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Autumn said... Reply To This Comment

That's amazing you were able to go out and get a date with your hubby :) I love Tia yummy. We always go there when we visit Devin's family in Mesa.

Andie Zimmerman said... Reply To This Comment

Love it!!

Laura said... Reply To This Comment

I seriously wouldn't mind watching your kids so you guys can go out. Let me know anytime, okay?

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

Awe I want a whole theater to myself, so I can laugh as loud as I want or bawl my eyes out during a sad scene without anyone watching haha Louisville looks so beautiful. Arizona misses you too (:

Shalyn said... Reply To This Comment

Okay fine, Connie...I will move to Kentucky to be your babysitter. I know thats what you were getting at...;-)

Only catch is, you have to get my hubby into dental school there. No big.

Christine said... Reply To This Comment

i hope you get another date night soon! :)

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

mmm I totally LOVE Ruth's Chris! That one is awesome!! And your shoes are freaking adorb! love em :)

Emily said... Reply To This Comment

yipee for dates! if forget how good i have it with no children for the moment. as much as i want children eventually, i sometimes forget to enjoy the time i have with just the mr.


Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

We just had a Sunday school lesson about the importance of "courting" your spouse. You guys are awesome! Time for a date with my honey meee thinks...