Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What are we going to do today Brain?

Same thing we do everyday Pinky, try to take over the WORLD!

...only substitute "Pinky and Brain" for Connie and Alexa.
I kid, I kid.  We only want to take over a little corner.  Not that I'm in any position to speak for her tho(;
Anyways, Remember how I mentioned the circle of mom's contest yesterday!?  Well I found out Alexa is in the voting and I had to ask... could you also vote for her while you are voting for me?  You can vote for more than one person, is that not completely wonderful!?  Yes, pretty please do, it would mean the world to me and I'm certain to her.  Who, if you may remember has dealt with a lot.  Please and thank you! (Remember you can vote everyDAY!  WOoooo!)