Wednesday, April 13, 2011

so yesterday...

Yesterday was a tough day for Brody.  Today has been too, but not as bad.   He got a shot in his leg that I was warned is very painful (the nurse described it as burning).  Not easy for a mom to hear!  He fell asleep-  pretty much knocked out- after a long afternoon of crying and wanting to be carried from place to place.  He's been limping today from the pain in his leg, even.  Even though he had a rough day he was his usual sweet-big-brother self.  He woke up from his nap (that he doesn't regularly take) crying in pain.  What did he want next?  He wanted to be carried to Hyrum so he could see him.  He absolutely loves Hyrum!!   This was him before bed last night.  It's funny, even Brody will talk baby talk to him.  Don't ask me what gibberish he's saying, I have no idea.  He's a good speaker but who can help but talk baby talk to adorable little chubs like H.
I love that Hyrums feet got lost in those huge pants..

I love these two best buds.
*I have to say though even though Brody was really hurting and struggling Tony gave him a pep talk saying how strong he was and that he "can do it!" (walk).  And he instantly did!  ... it was more like a hobble around... but at least he stopped whining!  I guess if you ever decide to change careers, Tony, motivational speaking is an option!  (heh heh)