Thursday, April 21, 2011


Tuesday night Tony and I both decided to go to bed early.  Before we came out to Kentucky when we were in between school and jobs (and doing nothing) we'd stay up laaaate.  We've been doing better going to bed earlier though!  Going to bed early was the plan but we ended up staying up half the night thanks to a tornado watch- that turned into a tornado warning.  And due to the dark-middle-of-the-night circumstances, they warn to just seek shelter no matter what.

We scooped up the kids who were soundly sleeping and huddled in the downstairs bathroom, laptop streaming live info.  We don't have a basement so that's the lowest, safest place.  I'm sure the majority of people who read my blog have had this experience.  I have too, but being from California and living the last 4 1/2 years in Arizona, this is still fairly new to me.  Thank goodness for our two summers in Oklahoma- we knew what to do.
But thanks to those two summers in Oklahoma, I knew what "could" happen.  I've seen homes and businesses leveled, lives drastically changed in seconds.   Already in this storm we were told of mobile homes overturning.  Even though I was pretty sure deep down we'd be fine, and hoped for the best, I know I and my family are no more immune to trials than anyone else.  We have dealt with our fair share of "storms", if you will.  But every time a natural storm that I have no power over comes our way- it really brings perspective to me.

I'm just so grateful for my family and for all that I have.  I love those three boys more than I could ever say... I'll always remember that late night huddled in that tiny room with them where I was reminded how precious life is- and that I'm so blessed.

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