Tuesday, April 19, 2011

more lately

Just when I thought spring blooming was over these trees appeared.  Along with some hot pink ones (that I still need to get pictures of for obvious reasons).  So pretty.

Then there's little trips to the park where Brody invites himself into other peoples lives (;  It's a good thing people are super friendly and don't mind him usurping their bubbles!

No I haven't forgotten about my D.C. trip back home.  I have to blog it but because of the butt load of pictures I've been kinda putting it off (;  That'll be next, I swear.  Here's a couple for now...

Do you see us in the reflection of the glass?  Good times.

Oh yeah, I'm now a part of this...a little late but what the hay!  Vote for me?
Just takes a click!!
Go ahead, make my day... and all that jazz.

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Heather Nuttall said... Reply To This Comment

So you must live semi close to where I live since you're going to Jucy's! I have to tell you though you need to try Texican's. It's right down the same street and you will die at the goodness! Seriously.

Love the spring photo's. It's gorgeous here!

Piril Maria said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely photos. They're so alive!

♥ Love,

OANA said... Reply To This Comment

I love your blog too! You are just lovely and you have a beautiful family. I will be following your blog. :)

Amanda said... Reply To This Comment

you take such neat pictures! i love the ones with the bubbles! :) so cute.

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

You are such an amazing photographer!!!

tHe ApPeLs said... Reply To This Comment

great pics! voted for ya ;)

Shelby Lou said... Reply To This Comment

I love that last picture. It is the cutest! I want to get Sprinkles Cupcakes sometime. They look so yummy!

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

amazing pictures, as always! brody is going to make you all sorts of friends...of every shape and color because that kid is a hoot!! i'm kinda jealous of where you live. if only we could replace there with here and take away the heat. shazzam!

you are the best!! seriously. that's the sweetest. i love that picture of us. it's so cool! thanks girl. ♥ ya.

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said... Reply To This Comment

Great pics!

Vanessa said... Reply To This Comment

I can't wait to read about your DC trip! I love it there!

I haven't been since they put in Sprinkles. But I want to go back this summer and do a side by side taste test of Sprinkles vs. Georgetown cupcakes. It needs to be done and well, it's cupcakes, that is all the reason there needs to be!

kebowman said... Reply To This Comment

Awesoem pictures!!! Also, I wanna let you know that i'm doing a giveaway! its my very first one and i'm pretty excited about it! :) If you're interested in checking it out, here is the link:

Little Beachs said... Reply To This Comment

I love sprinkles. I miss it.


salena said... Reply To This Comment

ha! i definitely remember brody at the park, he loves to explore & make new friends! :)

i love the trees there.

mandyface said... Reply To This Comment

Purdy pics! And now I need a sprinkles cupcake. Stat.