Wednesday, April 27, 2011

D.C. Trip, cell phone pic style

Washington, D.C. ... my home away from home.  After h.s. graduation I moved there for a few years (minus a little time at college).  I started a dog walking business there, even.  That was some great memories.  My parents have lived there for just about the last decade.  Nuts.  I can't believe it's been that long already.  I have great memories taking Tony there- we watched the fireworks light up the National Mall the summer we fell in love, for one.  We've spent Christmases there- I love going back.
So you can understand that now that we are in Kentucky- a state away-  I'd have to visit.  And what better week to go than when Tony would be off for his job training.  The only downside was that we just made a three day drive across the country  the week before.  I was sick of driving- but thanks to my wonderful mom, I didn't go at it alone.  She flew here just to drive with me and bless her heart- she drove the ENTIRE WAY!  BOTH WAYS!  I'm so lucky.  It was a good thing too because I found out that is a drive I will NEVER drive alone w my two boys.
Here is my trip in phone pictures.

K there were the cell pics of my week visiting my parents!
So to explain all that:
-I spaced it and packed one outfit for Hyrum for the 10 hour drive.  
So he pretty much went naked part of the way since he spits up so much.  Oops.
-we ate out, sat in traffic, and compared Sprinkles to Georgetown Cupcakes.  
(I'll tell u later)
-Ho's Chinese takeout in Alexandria is the shiz.  I have to go whenever I visit!
-it rained a lot while I was there & my parents both had to work
during the day so I took the boys out to Georgetown by myself when the sun came out.  
It was a successful trip!  "M" Street freaks me out though.  So busy.
-went to the Cherry Blossom festival
-lots of other random stuff
-we grabbed some smoothies and drove back to Kentucky when the week was over! the snow... in april.

thanks in advance for your votes today (:

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Mars said... Reply To This Comment

man I need to go visit cool places like this. If only I had family that lived in a state other than UT, CO, and AZ :P

How fun! You always look so freaking fabulous and your boys are the cutest! PS your brown boots are ADORABLE! Where did you get them? I have a hard time finding cute boots. I have a tall pair but I would love a shorter pair...for next winter that is ;)

Tony said... Reply To This Comment

i love your photos! I was sad i could not go to DC, i love it there! So much to do, so much history, so babysitting! haha

JED said... Reply To This Comment

I was sad I had to work every day, but that was a busy week for me at work. Sorry Connie baby! It was good to see you and the boys and I look forward to your next visit. I just hope that is not only at Christmas time...

SushiMama said... Reply To This Comment

I was excited to see this post- I'm heading to DC for the first time ever in two weeks! We're staying with friends in Alexandria- what should I add to my must visit list?

Warren Baldwin said... Reply To This Comment

Linked here from Arielle's. I like your blog. Read your previous article about to blog or not to blog, and it looks like blogging is a good outlet for your creative writing and photography talent. I sometimes think about quitting, then someone will say how an ariticle encouraged them, and I decide not to. It is time consuming! And, yes, there is vulnerability, too.

Your photos are great. I sometimes run a photo with my posts on Family Fountain to illustrate. Do you allow other bloggers to use your pics with credit being given back to your blog?

Also, I saw your invitation for your readers to vote for you. What is that vote for? I'd be glad to do it.

Family Fountain

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Wow. Your mom gets the best mom award! Great pics. :)