Tuesday, April 26, 2011

before we left AZ

(I found this post in my drafts- I guess I'll post it!)
On one sunny warm January day we walked around tempe town lake... I happened to have my light-as-a-feather film camera (love that about it) so we got some pictures.  I just love the chintzy quality to these.. i like that sometimes better than my canon;)

Brody looks a little homeless here (the empty tp roll in his hand doesn't help- heh heh)
more outtakes to add to the collection... it's all good, that's what's so exciting about film.  You never know when you've screwed it up or not;)  Except in my case I guess I can always plan on them turning out like crap. haha
Anyways I liked the spot so I took some clients there for a photo shoot, too.  

btw the tp roll was his "spy glass"... i love his imagination.  love it.