Monday, March 7, 2011

more things I'll miss

I've loved living in Arizona but I know Kentucky will be awesome (I'm getting really excited for something new!)  It bugs me when people complain about where they live because what good does that do?!  That's something I've learned since we've had to move a lot for Tony's job (and go to places I wouldn't normally want to).  You can be happy where ever you are- or at least you should be!  Attitude determines a lot about how your life goes.  Have a positive one and life will be better, that I can guarantee (:  With that said I'm still going to miss some things from here- maybe I'll get sad about it from time to time.  Yep, I'll miss it... this place I've called home for almost 5 years.

I'm going to miss playing cards with Tony's parents
since tony and I got married (even when we were dating) we'd go over and play cards with his parents.  I love me a good card game!  And his parents can really bring it (they kick our trash, in other words:)

..thrifty's ice cream.  Maybe they have it in KY?  I don't think they have water 'n ice though!  I'm going to miss our junk food- trips to water 'n ice.  Good times suckin back on an ice cold jones.

I'll (also/mostly) miss:
-family.  Most of Tony's side lives here and I'm going to miss them all.  I love them!
-friends!  I had planned on making some sort of video or posting a bunch of friend pictures but then I realized I don't have pictures with everyone!  What?! ME?!  Plus there are just too many of you.
When I moved here I knew no one but Tony... but that lasted for like 10 seconds because ALL of his friends took me in as if we'd been friends for years.  I will miss those people and the more recent people I have had the chance to know.  They know who they are- thanks for being so nice to me.
-Mesa Temple.  Where we were married- yes, every time I go I see the room where we were married and I get all giddy like a school boy.  I love that temple.
-the HEAT!  I love being warm in January.  I love everything about it. 120 degree days have their upsides, too (;
-my business.  Now, I'm not saying it's going to crash and burn (not if I can help it)  But I know it's not going to be as thriving as it is here (that is partially due to Tony's new job and that my availability will be extremely limited.  Oh well.)
-target.  Haha!  Seriously for those that live in AZ you know just HOW MANY targets are everywhere. Heck, how many of EVERYTHING is everywhere.  I googled it and the closest Target will be in the next state (and in another time zone!)  Suck.
-del taco.  The chili cheese fries is my usual- and has been since the first time I ever ate there.  Anyone who really knows me know that I have chili cheese fries in my blood stream.  I will so miss them!

There will be many things I miss... but like I said, I will be happy no matter what life brings me.  Everything else will change but at least I have these three to spend it with!
{all images brought to you via crappy camera phone}

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Karm said... Reply To This Comment

haha I like the last photo. My son does that too, but he plays with a toy while I'm changing him or putting clothes on him haha

Awe, I am excited for your move, I plan to move to Denver, Colorado nexr year too, even though I don't care for snow

Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard} said... Reply To This Comment

I miss Water N Ice!

~A said... Reply To This Comment

That last picture is so great! What cuties you have!

Heidi said... Reply To This Comment

I can't believe QT didn't make the list. That would be number 1 on mine. :) That and the sunsets. Arizona is going to miss you so much!

The Dark Family said... Reply To This Comment

I saw you at the temple on Saturday (i think), but since I don't know you personally I didn't say hi! I wish I would have! I honestly wish you the best in KY!

Kell said... Reply To This Comment

I've always loved moving.. it's such a fun adventure, and you get to explore new places and find new favorites. If there's one thing I miss about the midwest, it's the ice cream!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Ahhh! I DID forget QT! Although I blogged about it in the past so I think that makes up for it (;

Autumn you should've said hi! I think it was Saturday I was could've been friday but at any rate you probably did see me (:

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!

Shalyn said... Reply To This Comment

This definitely made me appreciate living in AZ, we do have it pretty good here with our Targets and all! I can't believe they don't have them in Kentucky!!! We are looking to go there for dental school but maybe not now that I know this! ha

Erin said... Reply To This Comment

i just saw your blog, and noticed you are moving to Louisville (i live there). There is a Target in Louisville Kentucky, a few in fact! Don't's not as much of a redneck place as you think! Are you moving for dental school? My husband is a first year in the program here!