Wednesday, March 2, 2011


(This is an old post I posted then took off for some reason.)
I have...oh........ from time to time- noticed bloggers posting discussions for all their  minions readers to discuss. Usually they are topics of importance or have some sort of merit or influence in today's society.  I'm all about discussing issues- pressing, necessary issues.  So I thought I'd bring one of my own to the table...
applesauce..... in a sack. 
 Sorry, applesauce "ON THE GO" other words, twist off the top, drink it like lemonade. 
Only- it's chunky... and probably warm from being in your bag all day.  So nothing like lemonade, forget that.

Would you?  What say ye?
I wouldn't either.  Well than give it to the kids!  Isn't that where the food adults reject goes, anyways?
I've already kinda gathered people's thoughts from my last post and guess what?  NO GNOMES FOR YOU! (said in my best soup nazi voice).  He he.  just kidding (;
Oh &... i needed a laugh tonight and Charlie bit my finger did it again.