Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hyrum's announcement

I had intended on sharing this announcement I made with a link to my photography site to pictures of Hyrum I took. However I STILL haven't edited his newborns and so posting them will be a little while yet. I figured before this was completely old news I'd share this for the many who didn't get one (sorry!). I sent them out back when I sent Christmas cards. Forever ago. Isn't he precious?!!
hyrum birth announcement
Speaking of Hyrum... yesterday (on his 11 week bday;)  he finally took a binky!  I have mixed feelings.  Brody was OBSESSED with his!  Sometimes I loved it because it would calm (quiet) him other times I HATED it because he had to have it to sleep, and if I happened to forget it when we went somewhere he would lose his marbles.  So far Hyrum LOOOOOVES it and I don't have the heart to take it away.  BUT we made it over two months without it and he's been a sweet angel!  I don't know if I should keep it away or just let him have it.  Any thoughts?  I don't know why it's such a big deal to me, it just is!

and for those that wondered... Hyrum's "shoot I dare you" shirt was from my friend Kristen- HERE!

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Melanie's Randomness said... Reply To This Comment

Oh how cute is he!! This birth announcement is beautiful just like him! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Hil said... Reply To This Comment

so cute!!! as for the binky... we are BIG fans of it in this household. The only thing I hated was when it came time for Little Guy to get rid of his... it was a NIGHTMARE. So, with this next one I plan on taking it away before he knows any better. (haha, yeah... right).

But it is so nice to have when they start to fuss in church or won't calm down otherwise. Also, there are studies that show babies who suck on pacifiers are at less risk for SIDS. So, that's an added bonus for sure. This mommy of colicky babies is a big fan, despite the problems they may cause later on. :)

Good luck with the decision!

Amanda said... Reply To This Comment

aww this is such a precious announcement! i love it.

jaimie said... Reply To This Comment

i sucked a binky FOREVER! I don't have any kids...but i know it is horrible to get them off of it and it can really mess up their teeth in the long run!

Biscuit McGhee said... Reply To This Comment

His little smile is adorable! I'm smitten with your little one!

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Hi non-binkey'd face is just so adorable, I vote no binky! But, I have now read the study that Hil cited and have sent it to your email. Bottomline is, you are the Mom, and Mother knows best! I did not use one when you guys were born in the 80's, but then again I WAS the binky! Love, Mom

Lay said... Reply To This Comment

You are so friggen talented! And he is one sweet boy =)

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

I'm mixed about it too... It is so nice at times, but if he has already made it this long w/o it, he might not need it. Maybe keep it around for certain times you think he needs it, but don't force it or give it to him "just because."

Heather said... Reply To This Comment

What a sweet little guy. It makes me want to have another boy. As far as the binky goes,here are my two bits. Jarom took one and we loved having it. It would calm him down instantly, but he was a little bit more of a fussy baby. We took it away when he was one and he did fine. Elise never took one and I thought we would be miserable without it, but she was such a sweet baby that it didn't really matter. Halle took one at the beginning but won't now, but she is also a sweet baby and does great without it. So, I think what I'm trying to say is that it sort of depends on the temperament of the baby. In the long run, it's all up to the mom, because mother knows best :).

_kArLy[*] said... Reply To This Comment

okay, really, he is so cute! Love the blog, cant wait to catch up on the rest of your posts!

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

He is so so cute!! Love that cute smirk!

Ashley said... Reply To This Comment

AWWW! This is so beautiful. The baby, the card, everything.