Tuesday, February 8, 2011

happy little things

1. Brody suggesting EVERY time we go to the mall (so like a lot) to take photo booth pictures.  Kid's got taste, what more can I say.

2. the darling chalk board I have been wanting for like a year that I was able to get from a gift card I got for christmas! (I got it 50% off too)

3. and that it's almost valentines day! (see chalk board)  Yes, that is the extent of my valentines decor- and yes, that is going to change someday (because what girl doesn't want hearts and pink all over her house for a straight month.  Really, now.)

4. I love being able to ride my beach cruiser.  It's just so nice out.  Who can complain when it's in the 70's?! Story about that bike: Tony got it for me for my bday last August to replace my bike that is sadly rusting in my old-roommate's-Idaho-grandma's-basement.  Say that ten times fast.  I had to leave it behind when I drove down to Arizona to get married.  I'm pretty sure Tony was worth the trade;)

5. Oh- and the basket I just got for it!  Behold it in all of it's wicker-glory.  Love it.  I'll be getting a bell next... (;

6. SLEEP.SACKS.  Need I say more?   They are the most darling thing you'll ever see a baby in.

7. Altering that dress above to make it connie-appropriate (meaning to the knee).  Alls I did was cut the lining out on the inside, add it to some other fabric and elastic to make a slip that pokes out.  Not really on the runways but it works for my purposes (;

8. having the most awesome grandma in the world who mailed me a huge box of individually wrapped oranges!!  From her California backyard!  Just like last year!  Guys... seriously.  I grew up eating these and they are literally the best on earth.  Don't believe me?  you must try one.  Too bad for you I ate them all in a week.  She's the best!

9. Having a crap-food-filled super bowl party (and by party I mean Tony's parents and sister) and wearing jammies.  Oh, and the steelers going down. (;  And a menu as follows: bbq ribs & homemade bbq sauce, hot wings, teriyaki wings, buffalo dip & chips, other kinds of chips, pepperoni pizza bites (homemade... not totinos), po-tachos! (said with a fierce accent) ... potato nachos, jalapeno poppers, dew, rootbeer, and coconut cake.  We had a lot of leftovers.

10. I was made ward music director at church- so that means I also conduct choir practices and the musical numbers we'll have during sacrament meeting.  It's fun!  I have never even attended a ward choir so it was the kick in the pants I needed to go (;

11. planning decorations for TWO parties.  It's a rough job having all the fun but someone's got to do it (;

12. buying a cake plate and lid, complete punch bowl set & cups, glass milk bottle, anthro-esque colorful bowl and square flat plate, stoneware egg crate, and apothecary jar for $15 bucks.  Not to mention a HUUUUGE roll of brown recycled wrapping paper.  I about died (brown paper packages tied up with strings, anyone?).  Good old thrift store shopping has never let me down.  Did you know my first job (cou-TEN-gh years ago) was at a thrift store??  It was my best kept secret- shopping there.  I could never afford the antique store in downtown Redlands but drooled over all the stuff there too.  I'm really glad old stuff (excuse me... vintage) is all over the place now, I've always loved it. (:

11 lovely comments:

Hannah said... Reply To This Comment

That dress!! So adorable. I also love the bulletin board. Cute, cute.

Ailinh Harris said... Reply To This Comment

Those are definitely some happy little things. I am in love with your $15 deal of all those bakewares and cups and things. So jealous. Jealous with a capital J.

Heidi said... Reply To This Comment

Maybe I'm crazy, but I think Hyrum looks so much like Brody in that picture! You have the cutest house. So jealous!

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

I love that you were made ward music director- and you have the sweetest little pea baby. you sound like you are doing great!

wholesouls2 said... Reply To This Comment

Awesome Post! Awesome baby in an awesome outfit (who got that for you)? Awesome altered dress on an awesome, wonderful daughter, awesome Super Bowl Party. Dad and I partied too. Hopefully I can blog that soon! Love, Mother

wholesouls2 said... Reply To This Comment

Also, Awesome family pics from the mall booth. It is adorable that Brody will pose for all these! In a word---Awesome! Love, Mother

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Where did you get that chalk board? Love it!

Kiersten said... Reply To This Comment

70 degrees?? I am officially INCREDIBLY jealous - it was 40 here the other day, and that was warm compared to the current temperature of roughly 10 degrees.
I'm glad you're enjoying it, though!
<3 Kiersten

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Lauren! I got it at Hobby Lobby! http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/chalk-board-with-sliding-cork-525758/

Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

Did you go to a thrift store in AZ? Which one?? I am going thrifting this weekend and would LOVE to find everything that you did!

Mrs. Blimes said... Reply To This Comment

Hi! Just found your blog thru the Hudson Happenings and had to say you are precious! And your family as well! I'm due with my second boy in about 7 weeks so I'll be right there with ya! Glad to see someone surviving it with so much style!

Also, good luck with the new calling ;0)