Friday, January 14, 2011

house hunting... & a giveaway

Tony and I have been looking at homes that we can rent- hopefully we'll get something decent even though we can't actually go tour it.  We really lucked out with where we're at now since we didn't tour it before hand.  So as we're scrolling down the list of houses this little ditty caught my eye...

There was an old lady who lived in a.... cereal box??

Sweeeeet.  Cute, right?

ALSO, before we leave you Arizonians forever I've decided to have a photo giveaway (since I'm sometimes nice and everything, you know.)  Go enter!  Or I'll think you hate my photos :(  jk. But seriously enter, I don't most shoots anyway. :)

Oh and I had to add- this morning while Brody was watching the "bird movie" (baby einstein movie) He saw him:

and said, "LOOK AT THAT GENIUS!"  Then he left and B says, "Can I see that genius again?"
He has thought it for some time that anyone who wears glasses is a genius (so not me)  But that should make some of you feel pretty good (;

10 lovely comments:

Miss Priss Morgan said... Reply To This Comment

Ha ha. Can you even fit a bed in that house??? I always wonder that when I drive through a town with older house, "where do they put their beds?"

Jennifer said... Reply To This Comment

Are you gonna spill the beans on why you're moving away from sunny AZ? Or do I have to keep wondering?

Venassa said... Reply To This Comment

Haha love that house. It's definitely unique. I would love to see the inside.
I wish I could enter but I dont think I can make it to AZ anytime soon ;)

Jaime said... Reply To This Comment

YAY for giveaways! ;) Did all three things! And what is with that house?!? lol...

Courtney said... Reply To This Comment

I wish I lived in Arizona! I'd totally enter... I have tons of family in the Mesa Arizona and I was thinking it would be so fun to get you to do photos for us sometime while we're there to visit...but now you're moving :( This is a TRUE story too :)

Autumn said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, just wow....that house!

Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

I love that Brody thinks people who wear glasses are geniuses! When I wear my glasses my students stare at me for a while and then say, "You look weird today Mrs. Wolfe..." haha

Eva said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like someone cut that house in half.
But then, good for them for taking up less space in the world, I guess!

Lacey said... Reply To This Comment

that is a crazy house!

mandyface said... Reply To This Comment

lol adorbs.