Friday, January 28, 2011

Hi I'm Connie and i have two kids

Yesterday was one of the first times I took both boys out. (I really can't recall another one right now, ya know?) Anyway, it was pretty disasterous but fun at the same time. Like most days (; We went to get cupcakes at sprinkles since we had to get some "yummy ones".. earlier this week we tried out a new place that supposedly had great cupcakes but they were "yucky".. and that was coming from Brody! First thing that happens Brody takes off to chase birds when I told him to WAIT on the sidewalk. I should've known. Then after we ordered he takes off out the front door, rounds the corner, and heads who knows where within 2 seconds. *sigh. Yeeeah I pretty much felt like people were judging me for that one.  Lesson learned (thank goodness nothing bad happened!)
We enjoyed our delicious cupcakes and fed a little to the birds. Brody really loves birds. As we go to leave, and after I got Hyrum in the car, some dude decides to pull in next to me while I'm trying to get Brody in the car. He was half way in and then stops to wait for me.  Brody of course took off in the split second I took my eyes off him to notice this dude.  I finally get him back to the car (all the while this guy is halfway in his spot.. awkward) and Brody freaks out because "he wanted to do it" (get in by himself).  I was trying to hurry things up and put him in since the guy was waiting. I felt the dudes eyes burning a hole in the back of my head and I know he was thinking "come ON!" After an embarrasing (and loud) charade Brody was finally buckled. I figured my best bet would be to let the guy finish pulling in while Brody cooled off in the car (B didn't of course). He pulls in, gets out, and asks if he left me enough room to get in my car (as he's walking away, mind you...I have a funny feeling he wasn't planning on moving it either way haha).  Yes those two inches will suffice, thanks ever so much.  Anyway I attempted to weasel my way in the car (cupcakes sloshing around in the box which was stuffed in my purse)- cup of delicious milk in hand- and so basically the natural thing happened at this moment- I spilled the cup of milk on the seat of my car and everything around it, crushed the cupcakes, and rode home- in the milky mess and all. Then we hit rush hour and Brody was chanting (loudly) from the backseat "can we go FASTER?!". It was good times. I guess since we're all alive I can say I handled that well (my first test as a mom of two).  It was probably pretty funny for everyone who saw all that go down... I think it is (now;)  

Welp,  since my parents are freezing in D.C. I thought I'd send some 75 degree Arizona vibes...
But I have to add, although Brody freaks out "occasionally" He is still my sweetheart- often tells me "OOo that's a PRETTY shirt mommy!"  or "you look booteefool mommy!"  He gets a little carried away and also says "that's PERFECT mommy!" (when I'm making or working on something) Or "you're perfect mommy!"  Yeah, I could argue but I'll let someone think so (;

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tHe ApPeLs said... Reply To This Comment

thats about how all of my outings have gone so far.. were usually all bawling by the time we get home! ;)

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Oh man! I'm seriously dreading taking the four kids anywhere until Luke is 5. Sorry about your squished cupcakes and milky seat. :(

j & s said... Reply To This Comment

thats why im terrified to have another kid!! cause then there is two kids instead of just one. and it seems hard and scary. but i have to realize you just take things as they come and not worry about it until then..and you're doing amazing at it! have soo much fun with those 2 adorable boys!! :)

Venassa said... Reply To This Comment

Brody would get along well with my nephew, who likes to run off any time he gets the chance. Having two kids sounds kind of scary to me haha.

ailinh harris said... Reply To This Comment

Oh girl, I feel ya. Ever since we moved into a new place and my husband left for a while, I only get out of the house to get mail, take out the trash (guhhhh), or get foodies. Other than that, nope. Count me out. Super cute photo of you and your little man (not your husband this time! LOL) runnin right next to ya!

fernandflora said... Reply To This Comment

Good to know what i can look forward to when I have kids. My sis has a 3 year old and a 1 year old. This story sounds familiar. :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

MY KIDS NEVER DID ANYTHING LIKE THAT! Honestly, I can't remember any horrendous moments except when I lost Anne at Mervyns and again at Disneyland! Seriously, Anne has called her siblings and her "4 little ducks in a row!" I suppose that is true, but I never tried risking life and limb for some Sprinkles Cupcakes! We just didn't have that sophistication back when I raised you. The fight for the perfect parking space was something I never had to encounter either. The wide open spaces in California spoiled me. Boy, how life has changed! Next time, I suppose you will now realize that keeping a snugli attached to your person is important when venturing out with our athlete Brody. Then, when he makes his football escape, to score the touchdown he has in his head, you will catch him with Hyrum in tow! Though you haven't asked for advice, as your mother, I have some---always assume the worst scenario in your children, and then always have a game plan! That way, you will (most often) be the victor! These comments inspired by the fact that next week is Superbowl week! Since it will be held in Texas at Cowboys Stadium, I will be watching! Love, Mother

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

P.S. Thanks for the warmth sent our way! We need it in this frozen tundra. You would like the snow, but right now it has iced over, so it isn't snowman snow anymore! That picture of you riding the bike and Brody running alongside is too precious! Love, Mother

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah mom I definitely didn't give Brody enough credit- those front doors are HEAVY and I didn't think he could make it out- threatening timeout didn't work (for the first time ever)- It was the first time he's tried that so it came as a surprise.

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah, I know, I learned with Michael.You little angel girls never did anything like the following: At a little over a year he got out of the triple stroller, and started running across the street to see his friend Sister Burtis===that truck barreling down! The angels were with us then! I learned then that kids are impulsive, so it's best to strategize against them (for their best interest)! Love, Mom

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

haha you will get used to it m'dear. I had Dj and Turtle right after another, so I was basically like that the first 3 years... with four boys (who are a handful ALL THE TIME) I learned to juggle everything and I was once told that I must have eyes in back of my head. haha (:

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

hahaha I totally understand. I've taken all 3 out a few times and it's not too bad, but I feel like people are staring and judging anytime one of them does something a little less than perfect. Well, good thing it doesn't matter what people think!

*Leticia* said... Reply To This Comment

Ha ha! I Love this post. It reminds me when I would carry one on my hip and one in the carseat. Ha! I was crazy then but we had good times! I've learned to literally go to my "happy place", which is just being there with my kids. It's magic. Going out I always have a smile on my face, never seem frustrated, I sing and talk with kids, make people wait and act like I'm the queen of the world. :)

Joanna said... Reply To This Comment

Ran into your blog, love it and your sweet pictures. And love that you live in my home state :)

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

oh man, I hope your cupcakes made up for all that. Smooshed or not, Sprinkles rocks. Love that last picture too, esp your sparkly TOMS! Darling :)