Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"It could happen anytime"

I wanted to quickly update even though I don't even have enough time to eat, it seems.
I had my doctor appointment today
See this awkward belly picture?  This was today:
Doc said: "It could happen anytime!"

I'm feeling nervous at that because the last time he said that I went into labor
that night.
Course.... that was ON my due date and it better happen soon! (I thought)
Actually I think his exact words then were "any day".  Whatev.  Semantics.

Regardless, I'm nervous- not so much to have a second kid
but that I won't be ready with anything else around here.
I still have loads of editing to do, projects for school, more projects
coming up in school and finals.

But of course.....  I can do all that and still have baby H in my arms.
I'd love that.
But I'd love to just sit and stare at just him and not a textbook.

So here's where we are:
dialated at a 2, 69% effaced, lost a few ounces- stopped gaining a few weeks ago)
I'm sure I'll see the doctor next week.

As for other news, my ring's whereabouts are still a mystery.
And later that evening I spilled OJ all over my IMac keyboard,
ruining it entirely.
That set my editing back a couple days.
Just the icing on the cake.
Although one night during a prayer, I was asking
to find my ring and suddenly in my mind I remembered
how Brody had climbed up on a toy, holding onto the counter
around the area my ring was.

So basically I got a strong feeling Brody did in fact scamper off with it.
Which in a way is comforting
 but also worries me because it could be down a toilet or
 stuck somewhere completely out of sight... we'll move out of this house and it'll still be here.  

Then again,
we took a drive somewhere (that post will come when I have more time)
this drive:
and after eating our lunch in the car I got out to use a restroom somewhere.
I hadn't peed in like 5 hours, so unlike me.
When I made it back to the car
LOW AND BEHOLD- on my seat was an earring I had lost 6 months prior.

WHAT.the.. freak!?
It's a big OL friggin dangly earring too!
(oh yeah the ones in the pic above actually)
  So how in tarnation did I ..
ONE: lose it there and not notice
TWO: how did it just appear!?


So anyway that actually brings me comfort 
that perhaps my ring will someday just appear.  I'm still hoping for that.
And thank you guys for your sweet comments and concern
although a lot worse things can happen, I know.
Just thanks!
Goodnight, ya'll.

16 lovely comments:

Lauren Elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

Ahhh so exciting!!! I'll be praying for you and the baby!

ashley wright said... Reply To This Comment

SERIOUSLY YOU ARE SO PRETTY!! good luck these next few little days!! Baby will be here before you know it you cute girl!

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

how exciting! Your shirt is adorable too! Well you are just adorable. Good luck!
PS that's WEIRD about your earring! Something similar happened to me when I lost something and I couldn't figure out how I didn't see it before when I looked in that spot a gazillion times. Hope that ring pops up soon!

Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on your pregnancy!
and I hope your ring comes up SOON :D

KatieBaby said... Reply To This Comment

I just started following your blog and its so fun! Are you in Arizona?! I think I just squealed. Your photography is beautiful!

shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

I love your belly. I think you're the best at being pregnant.
But also a mom! We'll be waiting now to hear the news!!

(sweet) stephanie said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my!! I loved your belly picture, you are gorgeous! Fingers crossed for a safe pregnancy!

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

I think about you pretty much everyday since we are so close in our due dates. I think, "Connie could be having her baby any day! It's so soon. How exciting!" I feel like I'm pretty close and you are so much closer!

Erica Ann said... Reply To This Comment

Oh Connie, I'm so sorry about your ring. I'll be praying you find it...oh and for you and the sweet babe of course! Good luck these next few weeks!

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

wow, now I am sending you lots and lots of positive thoughts and vibes... you will find your ring. I cannot wait for your new baby to come (:

Shelby Lou said... Reply To This Comment

Can't wait to see what baby Hirum looks like! :D I hope your ring just appears, that would be nice!

Jennifer said... Reply To This Comment

So exciting for you! and I sure hope your ring pops up out of nowhere! How frustrating to have no idea where it is :(

Have I missed the story behind H's name??

Kathleen said... Reply To This Comment

Good luck with the baby, Connie, you're going to do great! And I hope your ring turns up!

niki said... Reply To This Comment

you look great connie. really. every time i see a pic of you i think, "she's so cute."

have you seen friday night lights? you remind me of lyla gharitty(sp?). It's a good thing... She's gorg!

Hil said... Reply To This Comment

I couldn't find an email address to reply to your question, so this comment will have to do. :) I am dilated to a 1 and 50% effaced. I have a feeling this kid is a little too comfortable to want to leave the womb just yet... Can't wait to see your cute little bundle of joy and hear how it all goes!!

Bridget said... Reply To This Comment

you are a gorgeous pregnant girl!