Monday, November 29, 2010

i do my own stunts

My apologies to dad, grandma, and my siblings who have been anxiously awaiting pictures of baby H.  I haven't really been in the mood to blog- nor have I had much time for it!  But thank you ALL for the congrats- I really appreciate it!  I love my readers- those I do know and don't... you're all great.

And anyway..
Things are SO good at home!  The first week was a little crazy- mostly because healing SUCKED (much harder than the first time)... plus, I was stressin from all the school work that's still backing up and about the TONS of editing I had to get done still.  But life is amazing- my teachers are being cool and my editing has been done since Thanksgiving... BUT REALLY life is amazing because  I have the cutest little boy hanging around now.  I can't be any more grateful!!!!!

So my labor went like this: (it's pretty long and rambly but I want to document it -so there;)
Tuesday morning the 16th I woke up like any other day... except I knew I had to get some stuff done since baby was coming "next week".  When I woke up I grabbed our step stool and hung the Christmas lights on the house (Tony knows I love doing it).  I took a shower, shaved my legs (as if it were a special occasion), started to pack my hospital bag, and did whatever.  Later that afternoon I had a drs apt so I went off to that.  When my doctor checked me I was dialated at a 3 and 80-something% effaced.  I asked him what his professional opinion was- when he thought this baby would come and he was sure it would be "this week" sometime.  "The way your cervix feels I'd say...." blah blah.  Whether or not he stripped me is still a mystery.  People tell me,  "oh, you would KNOW."  But honestly it hurts like hail every time I'm "checked" so NO, I wouldn't know the difference between hurts-like-crap and hurts-like-heck.

When I got home I was pretty excited to tell Tony what the doctor had said.  I even called my entire family and told them what to expect.  I promised Brody earlier that day I'd take him to a park.  I had a feeling it would be the last time I'd get the chance for a while.  So we did that (this video isn't anything great, I was just trying to figure out how to zoom in the whole time. lol.  Anyway just putting it up since it was from that park trip the day I went into labor:)  Brody enjoyed digging in the sand... and was pretty mad when I made us leave (the walk home was awful) haha.
About the time I started on dinner, I noticed I was being pretty crabby.  My body started to hurt (but it usually had when I was up on my feet- especially when I cooked dinner).. I just couldn't wait to sit down to dinner- just so I could get off my feet!  After dinner, at 7pm was when I started feeling slightly different contractions than usual.  I was on the phone with my little brother and told him they felt a little like really bad gas cramps... little while later I was researching "false labor" vs the real deal and that was one of the ways they described REAL LABOR!  I was pretty excited but also second guessing myself.  When I went into labor with Brody it was SUPER PAINFUL after only 30 minutes of contractions and we SPED to the hospital for those blessed meds.  THIS TIME I was counting these semi-painful-mostly-annoying contractions every few minutes but then they'd go away for 15 minutes or more- then come back.  They didn't progress that much and they were so sporadic I thought there was certainly a possibility I wasn't REALLY in labor.  Besides, I did remember feeling sorta like this days before B was born.  And plus- I'm 10 days early!
Hours later,
I was still having these irregular contractions but nothing was progessing pain-wise neither were they THAT consistent when I timed them.  So what's a girl to do?  I did the dishes, laundry, cleaned my room, straightened up the house, and packed my hospital bag (just in case).
I had homework due by midnight for my online class but I thought, screw that, I think my teacher would understand if I DIDN'T get it in on time.  Then I thought better of that idea and resolved, if I'm really having this baby now, I don't want to be even MORE behind on things so I better do it.
And that's what I did.  My contractions were getting A LOT more uncomfortable but I still knew I had time left before I had to go to the hospital.  I finished my assignments right before midnight and decided to go lay down to rest (hopefully sleep through the night).
(my teacher left me this note on the website the following week..)

BACKING UP- so Tuesday nights Tony usually goes to play basketball- he wasn't going to go tonight- seeing is, I thought I was in a little thing called labor, but I convinced him NOTHING would happen so he should go.  He left and came back and I was still working on my assignments so I'm glad he got to go play (;  Then Tony gave his parents a heads up- that we might be calling them in the middle of the night to come watch B.  So rather than have that T's dad just came over for the night.
Okay so back to midnight- I started counting how long my contractions were lasting and how frequent.  By then, they were a little more uncomfortable but nothing like when I ran to the hospital about to deliver Brody.  The ONLY thing that got me out the door was the fact that they were every minute...consistently!  So, at around 1am Tony and I drove to the hospital.  When we left our house we noticed a light flash on us... it was a cop helicopter!  It wouldn't have been so bad but they kept in on us for a good 30 seconds and then had it on our house for a while after that.  Even driving away the helicopter was STUCK in our neighborhood.  FREAK-AY!  I was pretty scared some creep was going to break in and take B.  What made me even more nervous was that I had JUST finished telling my father-in-law, "don't worry if you hear a loud noise outside, it's just the sprinklers kicking on- sounds like someone is banging against the house"  AHHH!  Anyway fastforwarding- obviously nothing happened but ironic that I'd say that right?  Rewind- back to the drive to the hospital:  I was still unsure they'd "keep me" since I wasn't screaming in pain.  I made plans to go get food if they said that.  I even said, "I could get a pedicure through these contractions right now" that's how tiny they were.  When we checked in, I was SO glad I wasn't screaming in pain- that lady took forever!  I was laughing having a great old time with Tony for about 15 minutes in the Triage station when he finally said something like, "you need to start acting like you are in labor or they'll never come check you!"  haha!  I did fake it once or twice- well, "exaggerate it" a little because it felt like forever that we were in there.  Right about then I started having MUCH more pain each time.  So much that I didn't have to fake it- and Tony was starting to get that worried look on his face that I remember he got when I had Brody and he asked, "what would you like me to do!?"  Haha!  He's such a good pep talker so as long as he would tell me "it's almost over.. ten more seconds... you're doing awesome babe!" I was good.  For the most part. (;
The lady FINALLY came in and I was dialated at a 5-6 and she yells to another lady, "we got a keeper!"  FREAKIN DUH! I'M DYING RIGHT NOW!'s funny how fast contractions progress.  When I was in labor with Brody I was freaking out from the pain that my hands stopped working and locked up.  Apparently I was hyperventilating.  I started feeling tingly this time- like the same thing might happen but I did a lot better breathing and staying calm.  A lot of getting through the contractions for that time is picturing the end.

2:30am help arrived.  I told the dude getting me my epidural "the ladies must LOVE you!"  And I meant it, from the bottom of my little wrinkled heart.  I had a couple contractions when he was putting it in- and holding still was so hard, I was kinda shaking from the pain.  Before he even got there, the nurse was like, "MAN you are CRANKING out these contractions!"  Yes, I know!  While he was doing it I kinda told him I thought he paralyzed me.  Haha!  I guess I forgot how weird they feel.  Although I love epidurals, I'm always nervous about them.  Anyway when it kicked in, I was able to sleep.  WELL NO.  I was able to watch the clock and wonder what was going on under there.  I was pretty pumped but eventually I was able to relax.  Although my stinkin blood pressure cuff kept going off and everything they had me hooked up to was so loud sleeping was pretty tough.  I finally got to the point where I asked my nurse- "how long do I have to wear this thing!?"  And she was like, "oh WHOPS!  hehe!  It's been going off every TWO MINUTES it's supposed to be set for every FIFTEEN! hehe!"


I figured as much- my bloody arm feels like it's about to fall off!  I can't really express to you enough how much I HATE those things.  Passionately.  But it was pretty much something that would happen to me so I think it's funny.

My epidural with Hy was so much more amazing than with Brody.  With Brody I was so numb I couldn't feel my legs whatsoever.  I couldn't turn over, wiggle my toes- heck- I started falling off the bed and Tony had to catch me!  I couldn't walk for a day after that, they loaded me up.  But with HY things were SO much better!  I could roll over!  I could feel my toes!  I could move my legs!  AMAZING!  heh heh.  I loved it - although I worried I would feel "too much" by the time the doctor arrived.  Yes, that terrified me- NO I don't want to EVER try this birthing thing naturally... I've felt those contractions and they are the devil!  So yes... drugs please?  And may they do their job. (That's how I felt about that!)
As I lay there comfortably- my peaceful husband sleeping next to me in that pull out couch- my baby's heartbeat sounding on the monitor to my other side- I rested happily with my eyes shut on the pillow.  My beautiful moment came to a literally screeching halt however when my hospital neighbor screamed BLOODY MURDER out of nowhere- it was literally the most horrible painful scream I have ever heard!  After that came a cute little baby cry and it pretty much made me tear up a little.  Course, my first thought was DANG I'm so glad I have this horribly itchy epidural but at the same time that lady was suddenly my hero for dealing with that gosh awful pain.  Seriously though- yow.

Anyway back to me:  I felt my water break which was different because I didn't feel it with Brody and they had to do it.  I called the nurses and by 6am I was READY to push!  Like I said I felt NOTHING with Brody so this was new.  It got SO uncomfortable because my doctor didn't even show up till about 645am... then when he did come in to say hi he left again to go change his clothes.  Gah!  I was DYING wanting to push and they MADE ME HOLD IT for over a half hour or so.  It HURT. (but I'm sure not as bad as room number 8 had it;)
Anyway after a minute or two of pushing came his head and then his shoulders- when we got to that point my doctor asked me if I wanted to pull him out!  MOI?!?!  Errr.... YES!  So I grabbed him under his arms and pulled the little dude out.
I layed him right on my chest, it was magical.  I didn't get that chance with Brody- it was almost like they showed him to me then took him away (it's a little hazy now though, I don't remember exactly)  When I saw him everything else went fuzzy.  I don't know what happened around me all I remember is studying every little inch of him and being just so happy he was finally in my arms.
He has such tiny features- his hands, feet, and ears.  He was different from Brody in that way but to me they look so much alike as babies.  I was only at the hospital from 1am Wednesday to noon Thursday... not bad.  Although in hind sight it wouldn't have been so bad to stay an extra night.  I put Hy in the same outfit as Brody wore home from the hospital and off we went!  Brody couldn't be more thrilled to have a little brother- it's been nearly two weeks and not once has he gotten mad or jealous- he loves him a ton!  All I have to say is Hyrum couldn't me more amazing and adorable and I am so blessed to have him for a son.
He's MINE!  Mine all mine.

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Lauren Elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

What a beautiful beautiful baby boy! I am so thrilled for you and your entire family! :)

You are amazing.

I love that Brody has not complained about having a baby brother. When my baby brother came, I asked my mom if he could go back in her belly... Haha, of course I love him now!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats he is SO beautiful.... xoxo

love your new page. feel free to do mine whenever, haha

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

seriously girl, i love that you managed to finish an online assignment before just, you know, going to have a baby. i had one due last night and i wanted to finish watching a tv show so i gave up. i'm a sick person.

this was so great to read. you are hilarious, and i loved your comments. your family looks so beautiful and the pictures are definitely keepers forever. :)

Jamie said... Reply To This Comment

He's so beautiful and perfect Connie! Congratulations to your sweet little family! xoxo

Benj and Jackie said... Reply To This Comment

Hyrum is such a beautiful baby!! Congrats to you and your family! :)

lindsay said... Reply To This Comment

this is such a lovely story with beautiful pictures to go with it. your experience is priceless and thank you for sharing it with us.

i love how you finished your assignment...sounds like something i would do :)

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

What a great memory to document. I think I can say word for word of each of my labors also (:

You are one tough momma for holding on that long with the contractions. I wish I had done the meds, but on the first 2 the Doctors said it was too late to get the meds (OUCH)

Baby H is adorable. I love his photots, and I am so happy Brody finally has his brother with him. They are going to be so attached to each other. (:

Erica Ann said... Reply To This Comment

Oh Connie! He is beautiful! Like literally breathtaking he is just so cute! Thank you for your wonderful story, I can't wait to be back there again someday! I'm so glad things are going so well for you and your family...and I still need to send your Hyrum's present!

Cathy said... Reply To This Comment

Great job Connie. He's pretty cute. I hope I get to hold him and smell him soon.

Amanda said... Reply To This Comment

whoa, whoa, gave BIRTH?! You look AMAZING girl!

:) Great story! LOVE reading birth stories! So special.

He really is a doll! Congrats to all of you!

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

How sweet! You did amazing and he's adorable!

Marissa said... Reply To This Comment

What a beautiful baby boy!

Heather said... Reply To This Comment

That is so sweet. What an adorable little guy. I know my baby is only four months old, but it makes me want to have a newborn again. If I only I could skip out on the whole nine months thing :). Good work and congratulations!

Eeny said... Reply To This Comment

He is so adorable. And the picture of you and him is so full of love.

tHe ApPeLs said... Reply To This Comment

hes so cute!! congrats!

Melody said... Reply To This Comment
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Kathleen said... Reply To This Comment

What a sweet baby boy! Congratulations, Connie, he looks perfect!

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for letting me experience the wonder of these first few days with your new little family! Love, Mom

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

What a great story! I can't believe you pulled him out!! I'd be scared to drop the little guy. I'm glad everything went well! You are a beautiful mommy. Congrats a million times!!!

Lynn said... Reply To This Comment

many congratulations! he's darling. ♥

Allison said... Reply To This Comment

He's beautiful and wonderful!! It's so crazy that you got to pull him out yourself! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Lyndsay said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on your new little man, he's precious!

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

You are super woman. Seriously. He is adorable. i just want to kiss him all over.

syd and spence said... Reply To This Comment

congrats, he is beautiful!