Monday, October 25, 2010

This is what happens when you blink

9-17-10 (15).

Basically, it really does happen just like that.  So crazy.  Yep- Tony and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary two weeks ago (on October 12th)!  I can't believe it's been that long.  He said once, that it was "years in the making"- and it really was.  The full story is best but... he and I emailed back and forth in 2003 about his band and three years after that we met for the first time in person- and were married less than 6 months after that!  I couldn't be more happy with Tony as my husband and eternal companion and I so look forward to the years ahead.

We had the entire day together as a family and the whole night to ourselves.  T'was stellar, indeed.
Gift giving:  Tony is a great gift-giver.  This one girl makes these cute necklaces- I've been a follower of hers for about a year and have been drooling over this necklace since.  It's been on my wishlist for a while, I don't know why I didn't just get it..  But Tony got it for me!!!  He also knew I was interested in that series (who in blogland hasn't read them, right?)  And since the library will be out for the next several decades (you should see their wait list) he got them for me (:  He also does a lot of little things, you know?  Notes on the fridge, brings me flowers, la la la...
We took Brody to the Natural History Museum in Mesa since we promised him he could "see the dinosaurs".  I was actually impressed by the place- it was pretty cool... and completely accurate....
So look at this... such an interesting photo of someones depiction of the Grand Canyon 1.7 billion years ago, right?....
10-12-10 our 4 year anniversary! (70)
Well if you thought that was cool check out Mt Rushmore 1.6 billion years ago!  Get out of town! (btw, I wasn't joking though when I said it was a neat place- it really is;) accurate though, I can't be certain.10-12-10 our 4 year anniversary! (71)
That night for dinner we escaped to Fogo De Chao!!  Only our favorite place ever.  It's a Brazillian Steak house- when Barbosa was on the Suns this was where he ate.  He stalks us, apparently (see link).  (;  We'd eat there every night but we'd eventually have to take out a loan to live.  I loooove it....... mmmm.... thinking about picanha, fried bananas, Guaraná, and the CAKE!  Oh the cake!  You need to go- really.
10-12-10 our 4 year anniversary! (82)
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1012001936 copy
I just know they'll be contacting me to put these food pictures on their website (;

We wanted to stop off at the place we usually visit on our anniversary but my pregnant self wouldn't allow it.  It was a miracle I could move after that meal.  So, we rented a movie and called it a night (;

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syd and spence said... Reply To This Comment

crazy how fast time flies. what fun pictures! love your blog.

Amanda said... Reply To This Comment

time goes by too fast! love all your pictures! hope your doing well! :)

Venassa said... Reply To This Comment

Happy belated anniversary!
I love the photos. The one with the umbrella is adorable.
I hear good things about that book series but honestly have no idea what they're about. I'll probably get them eventually though.

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

that is so sweet, happy anniversary!! and I agree, everything changes at the blink of an eye.

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Anniversary! Isnt it crazy how time flies? Love the necklace and Zach just finished the book series. Im not going to tell you how he felt after reading them all. I have never been to that restaurant. Where is it at? He looks amazing!

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

happy late anniversary! i love the picture changes at the beginning of this post. so cute. so true.

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Keep looking forward to making your blog into a book---how neat would that be, You are being an awesome history keeper. Beautiful Post! Love, Mom

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Anniversary!! Love the then and nows.. truly, don't blink!!

Jess said... Reply To This Comment

Glad you had such a nice anniversary! Love your "then & now" pics at the beginning :)

Jenni said... Reply To This Comment

What a fun and happy post. I really adore those first few pics you posted. <3

And Connie, thanks so much for your sweet and encouraging comment on my latest post.

Have a lovely evening!! :)

salena said... Reply To This Comment

The first of the 3 books is the best but they're all good! I'm glad you finally got them to read!

Oh & now I think I know what to request for my bday dinner! I've been thinking about those cheese rolls for a long time!

jess hardy said... Reply To This Comment

Aw, cute post! Also, I LOVE Fogo de Chao! We went there for our 4th anniversary too. Oh the rolls are soo good.... mmm... erm, looks like you had fun! ;)