Monday, September 20, 2010

The next big thing

potty training
And I'm freaking out. (sorta).  (Don't judge my baseboards.. I can't exactly clean them comfortably at the moment;) 

No idea where to begin.  I'm just warming him up to it right now.. he'll say, "I gotta go potty!"  Then sit there with a grin for minutes and nothing.  Anyone have the secret weapon for this kind of thing?

I can use all the tips I can get.

*update!  That very evening Brody PEED in (and on and around) his potty!  He got an m&m. (:  And thank you all for the tips!

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Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment's tricky. I actually can't really remember how we did it with Jaxon, but I do know it wasn't as bad as I expected. He was ready, that's all I know.

I gotta work on my memory!!! How am I supposed to potty train Henry? It'll be like my first time again!

Venassa said... Reply To This Comment

No experienced in this area at all, but man that's a cute potty!

jakeanddeana said... Reply To This Comment

I am a stalker, but you may or not remember me -- to get boys (I have three) -- to recognize that something happens, I always had them use the potty running water I tell you -- when the shower is running, have them use the potty. Then a good reward and a chart sometimes help. . .hope that make sense. . .I learned, boy get trained when they are ready and not until! Good luck!!!!

Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

my sister in law went through the saame exact thing...i don't remember her really doing anything though except stopping the potty training for a few weeks and then trying again.. when she started trying again, her daughter was ready! :)
maybe some kind of reward might help? ;)

Jennifer said... Reply To This Comment

Number one lesson I learned from my oldest daughter: You have absolutely no control over your kids potty training. Its 100% up to them. All you can do is get them there in time, but you can't make them go once they're there. One day they'll just do it. Its like a miracle.

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

Oh how fun! Such a big milestone! When I potty trained my kids: at first, whenever they would go on the toilet I would cheer, make a big ole deal and blow bubbles in the bathroom. then i would give them like 5 M&Ms as a treat. But as they got better that celebration went away little by little. To get them to go, spend a whole week or weekend if you can dedicated to it. Make him drink lots of water and juice so you know he has to go. Then after he drinks, give him about 30 minutes and put him on the toilet every 15 minutes or so (and keep asking him if he has to go) until he goes. (insert celebration). Try not to leave the house much, and kinda plan your day around it. Bronson was done in three days when I did it like this and so was Maddix. Granted they had accidents once in a while but they were pretty good!

When I put underwear on them, I went and got them their favorite character underwear and would tell them "You can't pee on Diego, you can't make Diego wet or he'll be sad so you have to make sure you go in the toilet." haha but it worked!

Good luck!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Ugh... good luck.
Super wicked awesome potty though!

Marissa said... Reply To This Comment

Good luck!! What a cute potty!!

Mike and Alecia said... Reply To This Comment

Oh girl. Potty training is no fun but its's something that has be done. Stay positive is my best advice because it can be so frusterating. There is book called Potty training in a day which I kinda followed. It's not all done in a day but the main stuff is completed then. Oh and I was all about positive reinforcement. Good luck!!

Signe said... Reply To This Comment

M & M's. Keep a bag of about 10 hanging in the bathroom. If he goes, he gets one. :) Or Skittles. I know he likes those. :)

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

Yes. do reinforce the behavior with a small positive reward like 1 m & m. I know a mom that bought a lego set and would give the kid a lego everytime. but m & ms were enough of a reward for xander. This is also big- You should move him into big boy underwear and keep him in it (except at night and a diaper is okay then.)obviously accidents will happen and that's okay- he is learning! he will learn what to do, but it may take awhile. not to scare you but it took me a year with xander. I think brody is ready so it shouldn't be that long.

Tunes & Spoons said... Reply To This Comment

I dont have any babies YET but I did hear my cousin say she bribes her child with marshmallows (or her kids favorite treat) she also bought only "special books" that can only be read on the toilet! That is my input, not too great, but I can't speak from experience yet.

P.S. I grabbed one of your adorable buttons today!