Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun stuff

Today happens to be a great day.  Happy Birthday my lovely sister, Anne!  Also, Happy Birthday to my daddy in a few days!  Plus, who can forget my wonderful parents celebrating 28 married years a few weeks ago.  You two are great examples- soon that'll be me and Tony. (:  I wish I were with you.

Also, I'm thinking of putting together a post about my maternity fashion (not that I'm an expert).  A lot of you have asked me where I got stuff or how I can put an outfit together that's comfy enough for a prego girl.  SO I thought I'd dedicate a post (or three) to my maternity fashion tips.  Before I do though, let me know if there is anything/any outfit you'd like me to talk about specifically!
On to other happy news, I was approached about doing Lollyjane.com's blog design!  They told me exactly what they wanted and I was happy to be able to do it for them!

Saved the last for best!  I've been completely flattered today by the incredible Ali Brown.  She is one of my favorite photographers I've come across and guess what- she featured ME!!  (Did you know I started a photography business last fall?)  Well, I feel so blessed because it has really grown and so many people have been so wonderful to me along my journey.  I knew nothing about photography this time last year so it's been a GREAT ride.  A HUUUUUUGE thank you to Ali for her sweet words!  PLEASE go check it out and leave her some love!  I know you'll love her work too- she's awesome.

Also, a shout out to Emily from Idaho who left me a sweet comment.  I wasn't able to go say hi (blocked profile!)  And actually that's a message to all of you with blocked profiles.. sometimes I don't get to say HI because of that! (;

10 lovely comments:

Jennifer said... Reply To This Comment

I will totally read your posts about maternity fashion! Your clothes are all so cute. It can be hard to find young and modern clothes so you don't look all frumpy. Its like a treasure hunt!

And I know what you mean about kind of saying the wrong thing sometimes. The problem with blogs is that your tone doesn't always come across right so when you're being sarcastic or silly people don't always realize it. Especially people who don't know you that well. I feel like people misinterpret what I'm saying sometimes when I'm being funny or lighthearted they think I'm serious. I get it. I feel your pain.

Hil said... Reply To This Comment

So excited about the maternity fashion tips! And I love the blog design. :) Way to go.

tHe ApPeLs said... Reply To This Comment

cant wait for your maternity fashion tips! and i love the earring holder you made! ps i still need to email! :)

KatOfDiamonds said... Reply To This Comment

What a wonderful-news filled post!!
ps. Thanks for coming over and commenting on my blog <3

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for being so sweet and giving shout outs to your sister, your father, and to the two of us (your madly in love with eath other parents)! Just so you know, love gets stronger and stronger with time, so you only have better and better to look forward to. I sure love ya' and your diligence to all things you do! Love, Mother

JED said... Reply To This Comment

OH MY GOSH! Is it my birthday again? I feel so old!!!

Heather said... Reply To This Comment

Hey, i checked out your photography page. You do an amazing job! I can't believe you only started a year ago. That's some awesome work. Seriously!

Lolly Jane said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Connie B!
I popped over to brag about you and saw our new FAB logo on here--- we just L O V E it!! Thank you again :)

PS: Your earring holder is just marvelous!!!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

YAY! I'm super excited for your maternity tips! That should be a fun post. Great design. You are the bomb.blogspot.com.. lol!!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

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