Saturday, September 4, 2010

Family in town

So like I was saying (forever ago) my family was in town for a couple days.  Heck, I was in town for a couple of days then we all took off again.  By the way, this is my desperate attempt to catch up on old news before it becomes completely dull and insignificant.  I'm not doing a very good job because as per usual I have gone and piled way too much stuff on my plate.  SIGH... (anyway thanks again mom for taking pics when I wasn't ;)

I'm not sure what was happening here- but I promise I don't have issues with sharing (;

And the recap:
(Yes this was 3 weeks ago yesterday..what.)  To cool off my mom and I went in some shops.  I made fun of this bronze horse for costing twelve thousand dollars.  Haha!  What kind of psycho is looking for a bronze horse for 12 g's!?  Anyway.. my mom and I got "rockstar toes".. I'd been wanting them since I saw them on my nail lady at my last pedicure many many moons ago.  I'd also wanted to try Sugar Bowl for a while so since we were in the area, we went.  I was coveting my brother's ice cream drink thing while my mom was coveting my fruit fiesta smorgasbord of awesomeness.  Then the whole gang went to watch little Hyrum swim around on the flat screen.  It was so nice to hear he is healthy and everything!  ANd I love how awkward the boys look in this picture.  Haha!  They loved it.

Yep, then that evening we took off for my hometown in California!!  I got to sleep on my grandmas couch.    I slept surprisingly well for being large and in charge and unable to turn over easily.  It's a good thing too because we had an eventful week ahead of us. :D