Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Date Nite with Tony

This weekend:

  • did crafts (couple tutorials coming:)
  • got a date in
  • was enlightened at Women's Conference.  Monson did it again (i cried listening to him- he's amazing)
  • taught my 13 year old sunday school class
  • sat around
  • watched football
  • made a special mall trip with the boys for fall scents from yankee candle and bath and body works
  • &
  • Planned on making my delicious pumpkin bread recipe and sharing it with you (I'm really ready for fall festivities) but can you believe they aren't going to sell pumpkin in a can until middle of October!!?  It's an unspeakable outrage...(I suspect I'll live)

Tony and I have been groupon-ers for the last year and we are hooked.  We had a credit or something so we used it to go to "Long Wongs" in Tempe for wings (so good).  All we had to pay for was the tip- not bad!  Course, we felt a little out of place at a bar but we went early enough that the place was like a ghost town.  I would've jumped on that ancient piano if they weren't blasting Blink 182
9-24-10 (9).
9-24-10 (11)

This week:
  • started monday off right with lunch at Joes with my two boys
  • school and homework
  • 'nother mall trip for halloween costumes
  • already purchased tickets for a Christmas play and a Christmas jazz concert
  • did homework the morning of and night of
  • editing and photo shoots
  • i'm getting "sprinkled" as opposed to showered (get it?)
  • missionaries coming for dinner
  • potty training.
*BRODY is amazing- he is more motivated to potty train than I am to teach him!  He'll ask ME if he can go potty in it- and he does everyday (just not every time.. that's my fault).  I'm such a proud mommy.  I'd be a lot more into it if he didn't drink so much (this kid is a camel) but I'm going to be more consistent with him- I already KNOW he's ready(I'm just being lazy)!  Woo hoo!!
My crazy boys:
life is good

15 lovely comments:

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Fiery Jack said... Reply To This Comment

Bashas' sells canned Pumpkin. I bought a couple cans of it two weeks ago. You should try there.

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

WHAT THE HECK! DONE! Thanks Mike, glad I can count on you! (frys and walmart are the places I tried for those who are wondering)

salena said... Reply To This Comment

i made pumpkin bread this weekend! i love the fall smell it gave my house. i just happened to have some canned pumpkin, thats so weird they didnt have it, considering how early they put out halloween decorations at the store.

oh & you can tell Tony is losing weight..good job tony!

Jennifer said... Reply To This Comment

They aren't selling canned pumpkin where I live yet and I'm so mad! They have tons of pumpkins in the store and the Walmart bakery was selling pumpkin rolls that they made, so how could there be a shortage? Its not officially fall yet until I eat something with pumpkin in it.

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

sounds like a fun weekend and week! wooo!

shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

Okay a couple things.

Fry's and Walmart suck at carrying pumpkin. For several weeks I was waiting for it to show up at several locations. And then I found out there's a shortage carried over from last year. And then Mike was cute and went on a scavenger hunt and surprised me with some.

Mike and I were looking for something for your sprinkle and couldn't think of anything that stood out to us, so we thought of maybe just getting something for you or Brody instead of Hyrum (sorry little guy) and we spent much time smelling all the Yankee candles. Guess it's good we just got one for ourselves and not you, since you're all set there.

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

Really frys?! I just saw it there. weird. We had to change out flight because Presley has been fighting hand foot and mouth disease. SO- Ill be able to come to your sprinkle!! Im so excited. See you tomorrow pretty lady.

JED said... Reply To This Comment

I am confused; you went to baseball but watched football???

Potty or bust. Brody is a chip off ole JED ROCK. I miss him...

Lindsay said... Reply To This Comment

My cousin had a "sprinkle" and it was the cutest idea! I agree with celebrating the life of a new baby, not just the mother having it... any cause for a party is good, in my opinion! I'm sure your sprinkle will be amazing :)

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

aww they lost? what a great date... that sux you didn't get to play the piano ): next time hehe
brody is so cute, I like how he wants to go to the potty... Kai is the last of em to get into big boy shorties... I'm scared, because that'll mean all my boys are getting older ):

Mike said... Reply To This Comment

im glad to see that you went to watch my favorite baseball team play. Im surprised they won since this year they've been pretty bad.

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Yep Mike and that's saying something about how the dbacks have been doing this year too :p

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Life is good!
Love the Santa pic.. I think its Tim Allen from the Santa Clause!

Erica Ann said... Reply To This Comment

Hi. Connie. Thanks for your kind words...I know I'll get through this in time. The gospel really is amazing and can help us through this.

I would love to send you something for your baby....I could have gone all stalkerazzi-ish and just got your address from Ashley, but I figured it would be better if I just asked. Is there somewhere I can send it? You can email me:

It was great to meet you. You're even lovelier in person.