Thursday, August 26, 2010

leaving, arriving, and reunions

Basically, we left OK to get to AZ, to leave AZ a couple days later.  I still don't have access to the really-fun-part-of-the-trip-pictures but my mom gave me these.Picture1
Last year it so happened my mom and Bro Mike drove with me to AZ.  This year it ended up being my mom and bro Perris.  Pretty random, yes.. and awesome.
Reunion #1:

Picture3 what a guy!  Helping out (:
I hate driving.  Okay, I very much despise driving.  So I didn't make the most of this drive other than chew on a new piece of strawberry bubblicious every few hours but I didn't care.  I just wanted to get HOME!
We made it:
Reunion #2:
Okay... piano?  Can we never part again?  It killed me to not have access to one alllllllllll summer.  I LOVE piano.DSCN2349
thank you mom for supplying these pictures.. also for being a picture fanatic and teaching me of your ways.
Here's a peek at the next day...
tell us Connie, tell us! (ok no one cares, just me;)
Spending time with family makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  That's why these seemingly normal times mean so much to me.
...more where this came from but for now, that'll do, pig.