Thursday, July 29, 2010

tonnie and cony

You know how people mix couples names to make cute name concoctions.. it's all the rage in hollywood
(maybe that was two years ago.. I'm a little behind talking about it, what.eva.).  Sooo, Tony and I have never been able to join in the fun.  Here's what we get:  Cony (pernounced Cone-E) or there's Tonnie.  Basically, it either sounds retarded or like just a regular girls name.  ORRrr if we mixed them like To-nie or Con-ny it just sounds like the names we already have!  No fair.  Good thing I'm not one of those people who would think we're not meant to be now.  Eh heh heh heh.  Yeeeeah, it really doesn't matter I just thought of it.
{wow this picture is old.  2006 old.  But i like.  And that boy right there, I love.}