Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh, facebook.

When I was in school I had online classes and regular classes where we sat on a computer the whole time.  Then I have my photography business which means more time on the computer...LOTS, in fact.  Then I check my email accounts... there's not even much to see there but I still do.  Then there's my favorite: blogging.  Which I like.  Surprise of the century, I know.  In other words... computer, internet, photoshop, computer, and more computer.  I really haven't spent that much time on it since school ended- but I have spent, I feel, my fair share.  My ideal world would be a couple hours each week, and no more... but these days that kind of minimal correspondence would leave people thinking a couple things:

1. I died
2. I live under a rock
(in that order)
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I had a twitter for like 3 hours, then realized I didn't need ONE more thing.  I had an etsy- then I realized, well same.  I had a cooking blog and craft blog (that lasted like a month and I didn't tell anyone about) What happened?  Deleted.  Slowly but surely I'm de-cluttering my life.  I realized rather than check my email in the morning a better thing would be to read my scriptures (my sister's example showed me that, actually).  So on my quest to better myself and work on other things in life (right now it's food storage that I've been putting off) I've narrowed my list down a little more...

I have retired myself from Ye olde Book Face.
gasp.  I know.. and we just became "friends" too.
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Not that I think it's bad or anyone who's on it is, I just need to cut some things out.  I've weighed out the pros and cons for about.... oh... 6 years.  And I think I've decided having a blog is all I want to maintain anymore (internet related).  Sure, I could "sign in less" but I get facebook emails daily and I would feel like a jerk-face not  responding to friends and family right away.

I had to make an announcement because I want to make sure I don't cave and "reactivate" it like I have before.  I'm just guessing....but I'm pretty sure I can leave facebook and live to tell the tale...not entirely sure though.  Knowing me I will probably suffer from withdrawals and wind up explaining my mental breakdown to Dr. Clyde Watermouth on that comfy couch again.  (for those who are new here, that was what I would call "joking".  Pretty lame Huh. Welcome.).  Just promise me you won't forget I'm alive (speaking to those friends of mine who don't blog but sometimes check this).  I will always be found here (unless for some reason in the distant future blogging becomes less  cool  fun.........nah.)
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Oh yeah, so if i don't have your email (you know, that one thing people used to use back in the day...), I will be needing it (I realized I stopped collecting those back in 2002).  Or you know, you can always call me or stop by.  I will still be texting, blogging, photoshopping, and yahoo-ing.  And that's plen-tay pour moi.
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(but on a unrelated topic are not these pictures of my little man oh so cute?  He loves playing with his "cup 'o bubbles!"... I know... I spoil him.)

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Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Each of us makes choices on how we spend our time. I am glad to see that you are "choosing the better part" as was stated in one of our church conferences. Brody looks like he is having so much fun---isn't it amazing how it is truly the simple things that bring us the most joy in life. I love you beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Love, Mother

Marissa said... Reply To This Comment

I have toyed with the idea of getting rid of Facebook. Maybe someday I'll take the plunge! Ha ha!

Brody is so cute with his cup of bubbles! It looks like he is having so much fun!

Makay said... Reply To This Comment

#1 Adorable Pictures, you are so talented! :)

#2 Good choice. I don't have one, it would take up too much time. Which I don't have enough of already haha.

#3 Just don't "de-clutter" and delete your blog... ;)

Love, Makay

crissy said... Reply To This Comment

I've been debating whether or not to leave FB for a few months, now.... still not sure... but I totally understand your efforts to de-clutter your life. This is my giant life mission right now, both internet and stuff around the house. I like the idea of less, it's just hard to change when you're so used to more, you know?

Cup of bubbles...genius! Is it just, like, hand soap and water..? My kiddies would love that :)

Erica Ann said... Reply To This Comment

Oh you have inspired me :) I've been toying with the idea of quitting facebook for a while now and for some readson just haven't. Yet I feel like I spend way too much time on the computer doing...well, nothing. Reading this made me want to even more. De-cluttering my life is a great idea! Whatdya say we hold each other accountable? Ready, set go!

PS: adorable pictures!

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

the internet is so addicting. i hate its face but love it at the same time. and if/when i cut will be just like you are doing. cause what really matters afterall? well don't answer that because BLOGGING isn't even the right answer. (tip toeing out of the spotlight...)

Ailish said... Reply To This Comment

People annoying me on chat and freezing up my entire browser make me want to delete my Facebook.

JED said... Reply To This Comment

I see people on facebook at work. I think it is an interesting way to share pictures and keep friends updated with what is going on in my life, but I live a really boring life. I work, I go home, I eat, sleep, and repeat. Dull stuff. I suppose if I were in Iraq or Afghanistan I would have a facebook or blogging account of some kind to help family keep up with my exploits, but then I would be afraid that I might be putting sensitive information on the web. So either way, I don't like being so open on the web. I would have to restrict my information, so what is the purpose?

Anyway, good choice Connie!

Brody is so cool.

Ashton Dene' said... Reply To This Comment

Your little man is adorable :)

x, ash

the southern hostess said... Reply To This Comment

So inspiring. I love this post. This should be the beginning de-cluttering, de-technologizing movement, if there isn't one already.

S.A. McDonnell said... Reply To This Comment

I am with you on all this, Connie. Would you believe me if I told you I don't even have a cell phone? That's right, I don't text!

And I still use e-mail. I can't seem to care enough to keep up with technology. As soon as I switched to FB, I deleted my MySpace. Why do I need two?

I check my personal email, my business email, FB, and blog if I got something to say about my book that day, and then I'm off.

So good for you, girl! All this stuff nowadays is like a brain overload.

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

I need to do that. I would die..with my online classes and no fbook. However, I'd get LOTS more done, and have much more time to study the lovely gospel. <3 Thank you for inspiring me I love you and miss you can you please text me when you get a free second so I can say hi and tell you how amazing you are?


leigh ashley said... Reply To This Comment

i've been thinking about getting rid of my facebook page FOREVER. i signed up for it because i wanted to keep in touch with my grandpa, but he passed away about a year ago and i still have it. ugh.

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

i love this idea...but i just don't think i can do it. i have family members that live out of town and i love catching up with them. i just need to learn to get on only once or twice a week for a quick session and be done. thanks for your inspiration!

Erica said... Reply To This Comment

So hard to figure all of this out! I left blogging at the end of my pregnancy for that same reason, but now I'm back! Good luck with the FB-less life:-) Keep us posted to how it goes!

Mauri said... Reply To This Comment

it sucks that facebook has become the norm for catching up with people...what happened to good 'ol phone calls? Anyway kudos to you. All my friends and fam are out of town so facebook is just so convenient...sad. Your little man is adorable with his cup o bubbles!

shirley elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

I love the cup of bubbles.

I think Mike's the only one in our family with your numbers. He's always been the popular one.

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

I totally feel the many accounts/things to sign into and waste time on! I spend like 3 minutes a week on Facebook and the rest of my computer time I've limited to updating my blog, checking friend's blogs (not blog hopping), and working on my digital scrap booking. That's enough computer time for me!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

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