Saturday, July 31, 2010

last day of july

7-28-10 jump zone (9)edit
We've had a really fun July, Brody and I.  Tony's life right now is all work but that'll soon change.  The last couple weeks consisted of $2 movies, touring the fire station, orange leaf frozen yogurt, swimming, playing at parks, the mall, sno cones, target (which Brody asked one morning to "go to target?"  it made me all warm and fuzzy inside); we went to the zoo again, and this day we went to a jump zone.  Brody liked his feet planted firmly on the ground more though.  So he did a little of that (above) and a lot of the air hockey table.  Can't forget to mention the couple dates Tony and I went on though!  I didn't take pictures but we were able to go to dinner and a movie twice this month- once was with his work office.  Saw inception on opening day, loved it.  July was good times... but I'm so ready and excited for August! Lots to look forward to.