Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sappy love note to you.

Tony got me these beautiful flowers when he came home from work the day we found out what we were having.  Did I bring a vase to OK with us?  Of course not.  But I have like infinity back at home!  So I improvised.  Hahaha hehehe.  It was actually cute.  And what a great day it was... in part thanks to all the sweet congratulations I got from you guys!  Plus, well it was pizza night so nothing is better than that.  Yes pizza night.. I realize that sounds a little 1990's but we dig it.
flowers 6-26-10
And the contest?  Because of you guys I got the readers choice award on my picnic post over at Cradle City Design!! (what I was hoping to get!)  I'm very happy- that means so much to me! So a huuuuge thank you for your votes!  Really, I read every single one and loved every single one so very much.  The thing I love the most about my blog is the positive loving people who read it.  Thanks for being so wonderful to me!  I love you guys!

Oh and Brody?  His eye is back to normal!  How it happened:  still a mystery.  But I put him to bed, started doing other stuff and 15 minutes later heard him scream like I've never heard before.  He was holding his eye and wouldn't open it.  I forced it open and didn't see anything unusual so after Tony came home we put him back to bed after prayers and tears.  I can handle pain- but I can't handle seeing my kid in pain.  The next day was the same as the night before but I felt our prayers were being answered because throughout the morning and early afternoon he got better and better.  I read about scratched eye balls and apparently (depending on the severity of course) they heal in about 24 hours.  Sounded about right (if that's what it was anyway.. who knows!)  Just glad he's ok.

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S.A. McDonnell said... Reply To This Comment

What a sweet boy you have, bringing you flowers! Who doesn't love cocoa roses?! ;)
My hubby recently brought me flowers and a card stuffed with the money I need to buy my plane ticket to Phx for my photo shoot with you. (So, yes, it's official: I will be there!)

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

i miss you, i miss you, i miss you.

i just got done with a thorough connie-b-photog blog stalk. let me say, i am very impressed. <3

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

gorgeous roses...and great improv with the cocoa vase :)

i'm glad to hear brody's eye is better!

Lace said... Reply To This Comment

Congratulations on the new little man brewing in your tum tum!

& I like your take on Chocolate and flowers... low cal :)

JED said... Reply To This Comment

Connie, now you know how your mom and I felt through all the pain you lived through. I will never forget how you begged for meat when you were on a liquid diet. My poor baby! A parent always hurts for his children when they hurt...

I am glad Brody is OK.

JED said... Reply To This Comment

By the way, we always have pizza night in our family. It goes back to the 1970s as far as I know...

JED said... Reply To This Comment

What did you win?

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

I won a $50 dollar spa card and a cute handmade necklace! I personally wanted that more than the other prize- a $50 pottery barn card and a photo of a coke box on top of a car. I'd only be able to afford like a couch pillow with that. haha

I'm stoked, I never win anything! Course I never enter anything...