Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's day & stuff

I am so grateful for the men in my life!  My dad has always worked so hard for us and been excellent for advice and making me feel good about myself.  And my husband is the most amazing husband I could ask for- not to mention, the best dad ever.  Both are so honorable and loving...I could write and write about the two, they mean so very much to me.
my dad and me sometime in the early 90's
winter 2009
Tony really appreciated his father's day- we tried to make him feel special!  I got him a few gifts, I kept saying "that's all I got" and then would bring out something else. haha. And I made "tony bucks" for him to redeem later (i spent like an hour on them! and by an hour I mean two minutes.. but they still came from my heart;).  He asked me to make him chicken enchiladas for dinner - one of his favorite meals I make.  We went to church but came home early since Brody was coughing on the whole congregation.  Not sure what he has this time.  Then I spent the rest of the day in nagging pain.. which never got better till I fell asleep for the night.  Even though it was Tony's day, he was so sweet to make sure I was comfortable.  Sounds a lot like last father's day... an unfortunate pattern. heh.  After Brody fell asleep, we cuddled up to a 2 1/2 hour movie, cream sodas, and ding dongs.  Perfect.  As for the day:
I love you so much, Tony!  You are perfect for me!!

Pregnancy update:  I've been reading stuff online (probably shouldn't be, it's actually done more harm than good) but most people say you show sooner with your 2nd since your body has already done a lot of the big stretching.  Harmless information, really... although thanks to the internet I've diagnosed myself with round ligament pain.  Whether or not that is accurate, it's completely how I'm feeling (in addition to the other fun schtuff) glad it's common.  This pregnancy has definitely been a complete 180 from my last one.  Anyway so the pain I was feeling this weekend really sucked.  I was so worried about it too- worried something might be wrong with baby.  So this morning I called my doctor in Mesa and told them everything and they freaked out telling me I had to go to the ER.  So I spent all morning with Tony in the ER.  Turns out I did need treatment but for something completely different.  Baby is fine though- but since the guy was not an OB he couldn't answer like ANY of my questions.  He said as far as he can tell everything I'm experiencing is normal.  I'm a little bummed this pregnancy is beating the crap out of me.  I hope this doesn't continue or get worse...  I actually do feel a lot better today thank goodness.  But anyway...
Oh- and the doctor even did an ultrasound but wasn't able to tell me what I'm having!  That's not his "expertise" so I have to wait till Saturday.  SATURDAY!  I guess it's not that far away... till saturday!  (well, I'll post before then I'm sure).

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Kell said... Reply To This Comment

You look VERY beautiful in those pictures!

I'm glad you guys had a good father's day!

ChinkyGirLMeL said... Reply To This Comment

Awwww....what happy pictures.

amy said... Reply To This Comment

you are adorable! :)

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

How fun this post is! I loved the pictures of your father and now the video of Brody with his father--Happy Father's Day! And, you look so wonderful and beautiful at this stage in your pregnancy. I'm glad you took pictures of the belly! Grandma loves her grandchild! Love, Mother

Marci Darling said... Reply To This Comment

if its any conselation for the look amazing :)

Alexandria said... Reply To This Comment

I am sorry you are having a hard pregnancy this go around! I hope it quits kicking your butt so hard!

You look amazing, btw!

Jess said... Reply To This Comment

Just found your blog recently and wanted to say hi! Your pregnancy pics look amazing! I'm 35 weeks along with number two, and I canNOT believe how much harder it has been... More back pain, ligament pain, can hardly lift my leg to put my pants on some days...yuck! I hope it gets easier for you, and if not, at least you'll find relief when your new sweet little one is here! Congrats!

S.A. McDonnell said... Reply To This Comment

Look at that baby bump! Too precious for words. Glad everything is okay. And don't sweat the little things your body does differently this time around. All three of my pregnancies were completely different -- the last the hardest on my body. It was one thing after another with her. Oh, and remember, sitz baths sitz baths sitz baths! I did those religiously my second pregnancy.

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

you are so cute! i'm so jealous of your cute prego body.

i'm glad that everything is okay with the baby! i'd be so freaked out if i was told to go to the ER! omg!

Albert James. Erica Ann. Ruby Mae. said... Reply To This Comment

You are oh so tiny! I would have loved to look so adorable at 17 weeks. As for the probably is round ligament pain, and it's THE WORST! I had it all the time and would sometimes just start screaming because it started so suddenly. I am so so sorry, because I know it hurts so bad and there is nothing you can do about it! Love your blog Connie!

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

I want to look just like you the next time I have a baby. Will you please teach me to be a beautiful pregnant woman? I cant seem to pull it off.

Eeny said... Reply To This Comment

Like everyone else here already said, you look so pretty in those pictures.
And your little boy is a cutie.

Mauri said... Reply To This Comment

Hope you're feeling better! You are such a cute prego girl. And um how do you get your messy bun to look like that. I can do mine but it takes like 30 min to get it to actually stay...I have too much hair and it's too long I guess...lame.

Kate said... Reply To This Comment

Um, you are insanely gorgeous. End of story.

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

Bummer you're having a hard pregnancy. You sure are looking pregnant though. That's nice. I hated the in between fat stage!

JED said... Reply To This Comment

wow, you have a few comments on this post! I am the guy with the fish...possibly the last fish I ever caught in the "wild." Generally I don't have time to fish anymore. I can't believe how old I look now; I guess it beats the alternative. My hair was so dark then...

Connie, you are beautiful in your blue dress. You look amazing! You remind me of your beautiful momma who also took good care of herself while pregnant. I am very happy to hear baby is OK.

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

He couldn't tell? That's the worst! I hope it works on Saturday. I can't wait to find out what my baby is!!

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

He couldn't tell? That's the worst! I hope it works on Saturday. I can't wait to find out what my baby is!!

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

It's not that he couldn't tell, he wasn't "authorized" to tell! Lame. haha

Bonnie said... Reply To This Comment

You look so pretty! You should be a pregnant model :) Your little boy is so cute! Have you seen the Huggies denim "designer" diapers? The commercial is adorable. I posted it on my blog & I actually bought Jarrett some today. I can't wait to take some pictures of him wearing them, ha!

(if you wanna check out the video)

JED said... Reply To This Comment

he couldn't tell because you didn't pay for it...

Chelsea said... Reply To This Comment

you look awesome! congrats!