Thursday, June 3, 2010


Kinda got sidetracked with some other stuff this week, this post sat there.  Here it be, a little late... and kinda old news.  Why the heck not.

Tony expressed to me how bachelor life for those five weeks sucked.  Seeing is he's a guy it probably had a lot to do with this (and of course the fact that I'm the coolest wife ever- and he loves me to pieces)  But I'm sure this was a biggie:

Foooooood.  I don't even remember the feeling of being away from him for 5 weeks (so friends who are away from husbands, it'll be better soon) - mark my words though, it'll never happen again!  Now onward...

Anyone catch the Bachelorette on Monday?  The ending by chance?  I usually don't watch it either but it gives me a little something to do at least one night a week while Tony is working.

Brody was getting antsy and wanted me to turn it off so I fast forwarded through the rose ceremony, still seeing who was being picked and whatever.  I noticed something, thought I must've missed something, so rewound it and watched it in real time to confirm it.  Sure enough, I saw what I thought I saw.  I think it's funny that I, while fast forwarding noticed a mistake that ABC obviously didn't realize the several times they (no doubt) edited it, before airing.

See if you can see the blooper:

Talk about ANTI CLIMACTIC!  I thought so anyway.

Missed it?  Hows about a frame by frame recap then....

no one here has a rose but one is about to get one, and ONE rose is left.
the dude gets chosen and grins like an idiot while Ali pins a rose on him
the guys look on with jealousy and frustration...wait..
lets see that again...
a rose left?
Oh em gee, what ever do I do?
longest wait in the history of waits for the "BIG REVEAL!"  Who WILL it be, I wonder???
The forecast calls for... "Johnathan."
And Creepy McCreeperson gets his rose (he's a weather man by the way).  At least it wasn't wolverine. (am i the only one who sees that?)
Soooooo didn't see THAT coming!  SMASHING ENDING!

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Cathy said... Reply To This Comment

I secretly loved watching the Bachelor last season and was rooting for Ali to win but I'm glad she didn't cause the guy ended up being a dumb head. I'm not watching it this season cause it sucks me in and then I feel like I have to see it every week... although I still want to sometimes.

JED said... Reply To This Comment

My eyes are bleeding, must look away, must not listen...waste of time...

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Haha dad, I wouldn't expect any less (:

Marissa said... Reply To This Comment

I watch the show too. It is bad TV for sure!

Miss Vintage Vixen said... Reply To This Comment

OMG-- thanks for reminding me I have to catch up! I've been meaning to do so!

And I love the commentary-- hah!

Ashley! said... Reply To This Comment

I totally saw that! I was so confused so I had to rewind it and make sure my eyes were not deceiving me! Haha

Sara said... Reply To This Comment

Wolverine. HA HA HA. He looked familiar. Good eyes for catching that!

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

Ive always pick and choose season of the bachelor/bachelorette. After Jason and THEN Jillian I cant take it anymore. So... Im boycotting it all together.

Jennifer said... Reply To This Comment

Without me my husband would live on Kool-Aid and ramen. Nothing more, nothing less.

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

hahaha oh man! that is totally a bachelor fridge. thats so awesome. you crack me up girl!!!

Anne said... Reply To This Comment

you have always been so observant and I apparently am oblivious. even telling me to look out for a flaw and I didn't notice. but hey what else is new right?

leigh ashley said... Reply To This Comment

i caught that too... i thought it was really funny!! :)

amy said... Reply To This Comment

Ha ha. That's hilarious!!!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

haha wow ddnt see tht either..


Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

I don't know what it is...I try not to watch it, but I always get sucked in! I know it's so edited and unrealistic, but I still like watching it!

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

Oh, and I like the weatherman! :)

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Oh jeepers creepers Scooby Doo! That is one creepy face.

And way to go on wife of the year-- You fill that fridge girl!

Venassa said... Reply To This Comment

Haha I didn't notice.
It's such a bad show, but I am so addicted. I always DVR it (cause I'm not usually home anyway) so I can fast forward.. 2 hours is wayyy too long for a tv show.

Natalie Jane said... Reply To This Comment

Hey there! We were both at the virtual Mormon.Org conference, so I was just stopping by to say hello :)

Kate said... Reply To This Comment

I am way behind on your posts (well at least on commenting) but I had to tell you, we are both in the sharp eyes club. I only tuned in for the rose ceremony (forgot the rest was on) and I immediately noticed the rose faux paus, too. ABC should clearly hire us as editors and pay us the big bucks. ;)

I hope you're doing well lovely lady! For the record (I'm summarizing all of my comments) I think having a baby shower per baby is completely fine...especially since a lot of times I think other friends or family take on the task of throwing it because they WANT to.